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Eating in the Andrews Household

13 Apr

Both my husband and I have grand plans on how our kids (and ourselves) will eat.  I’m 100% sure all of these ideas will go out the window when we get to that point, because – just eat SOMETHING, child – but I figured I might as well be idealistic as long as I possibly can.

So, here are the food rules.

1)  No fast food.  Sorry kids, you won’t be getting those cute little McDonald’s happy meals with the cheap plastic made in China toys.  I know, you’re so deprived, and your parents are so MEAN.

2)  Every meal must have at least one serving of vegetables.  And you must EAT them, not just push them around your plate.  I’ll even work with the kids to find vegetables that they might actually enjoy (wishful thinking, I know).

3)  Cereal is fine for breakfast, but sugar or high fructose corn syrup cannot be in the first 2 ingredients.

4)  Treats and desserts are wonderful, and we will definitely have them!  They will, however, be limited to 1-2 times per week.

5)  Snacks will include a fruit option of some sort.  Have a banana, apple, orange, grapes, etc.

I’m sure many of these rules will go out the window when the kids are actually here.  Apparently when I was little, the only thing I would eat for weeks at a time was macaroni and cheese.  Mmmmmm, speaking of…….