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Post-Baby Weight Loss Plan

14 Jun

So, I reached that number on the scale – you know, that number that you always say you’ll never make it to?  I made it to that number and I have 3 months of pregnancy left.  Yikes.  Talk about a blow to my psyche.  Add to that the fact that I failed the one hour glucose screen.  Yeah.  I sure did.

When I graduated from college in 2004, I was the fittest and slimmest I have been in my adult life.  I weighed in at 204 pounds (which, standing at 6’3″, is really good).  I fit into size 14 at the Gap.  I could run a mile without stopping.  I could confidently wear a bathing suit.  I felt really, really good about myself.  I judged others that put on weight after aging out of drum corps, vowing to never get to that place.

Here I am – pregnant and obese.  Obese.  It hurts just to look at that word.  Just because I’ve gotten to this point, doesn’t mean I have to stay here.  In fact, I refuse to go into my next pregnancy being unhealthy and fat.  Here’s how I will get to where I need to be:

  • Breastfeed!  Apparently it burns an extra 500 calories per day.  I was already planning on doing this, so the extra calorie burn is just icing on the boobie cake.
  • Walk every day for 1 hour with bambino after she is born.  Can either carry her or push in stroller.  If the weather makes this impossible, do a workout DVD at home.
  • Track every single bite of food, and stay within my limits on MyFitnessPal.
  • Take progress pictures once a month, on the 1st of the month.
  • No desserts unless they fit into my daily calorie budget.
  • 100 sit-ups/crunches per day, no exceptions

My goal is to be down to my goal weight (210 pounds) by bambino’s first birthday – that way we can start trying for another, since we want our kids to be about 2 years apart.

Any other post-baby weight loss suggestions?