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Open Letter

2 Sep

To all of my wonderful family/friends (and this is aimed at some of you more than others):

I promise I will tell you when this baby arrives.  Pinky promise.  We’re not going to keep it a secret.  We’re not going to come home after the hospital and hole up in our house, letting everyone think I’m still pregnant.  Heck, we will probably even let you know when I’m in labor!  I know, right?!?!

So – please stop asking me if I’m in labor yet.  Please stop asking if the baby is here yet.  Please stop telling me how anxious and excited you are – I promise you, my anxiety and excitement are about 100 times what yours are.  Please stop asking what her name is.  Please…. just stop.

If it continues, I might just NOT tell you what her name is, or when she arrives.  Because…. just…… ARGH.

I’m going crazy here as it is, and I don’t need the CONSTANT reminders that my beautiful daughter is now late.  TRUST ME.  I KNOW.

Now, STOP texting me.  STOP calling.  I’ll let you know……. as long as you behave.


40 Weeks

2 Sep

Today is my due date!  And baby girl is nowhere near coming out.  I even had a dream (nightmare?) this week that I was pregnant for the rest of my life.  Yikes.  COME OUT, BABY GIRL!

Baby:  You look crowded in there, girl!  Feel free to come on out, there’s plenty of room out here in the world with your friends and family.  You continue to move around a lot, and get the hiccups every once in a while.  Your father and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary on August 28th.  We both said that while we wish I would have gotten pregnant AFTER our February honeymoon, we’re also SO excited to finally meet you!  It’s been a long 9 months, and pregnancy doesn’t always agree with Momma very well.

Momma:  READY.  Anytime now, little one!  Had a midwife appointment on Wednesday, and they checked my cervix – 1cm dilated, 50% effaced.  Which means….. absolutely nothing.  She did sweep my membranes, and suggest using evening primrose oil.  So I’m doing that and hoping that things move along.

Daddy:  Also READY!  Mostly so that Momma can sleep on her stomach again and stop waking him up with her constant snoring….

It’s Too Damn Hot

25 Aug

We are in the middle of a heat wave.  A heat wave.  Seriously?!?!  I’m 9 months pregnant, this is really not working for me.  Temps over the past couple of weeks: 95, 91, 95, 95, 92, 93, 96, 97.  When it has dipped below 90, it’s been a balmy 88 or 89.

Normally, I’m all about this weather.  Normally, I would absolutely love this.  I’m naturally a bit on the cold side, so warmer temperatures mean I don’t have to walk around the house bundled in sweatshirts and wool socks.  But one of the many lovely side effects of this pregnancy is that my internal temperature has been bumped up a few degrees.  Which means….. I sweat.  I sweat constantly, and profusely.  I can’t get to sleep at night because it’s too damn hot.

We try and conserve energy and so I don’t turn the A/C down to 70 like I would prefer.  Instead I begrudgingly set it for 78, turn on every fan in the house, and sit in a pool of my own sweat.

I guess I could just chill down in the basement (where the temperature is considerably cooler), but then how would I be able to watch my DVR’d shows?  First world problems, my friends.

All this is just my long way of saying…. BABY.  It’s time to come OUT and meet your family!  Momma is HOT.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Jump Starting Labor

24 Aug

So, the ONE thing that the midwives support to jump start labor (the sex), is the ONE thing we cannot do right now.  Because of Steve’s open abdominal wound.  LOVELY.  I mean, we could probably try and work something out…. and I might try and encourage that…. but I don’t want him to be uncomfortable or in pain.

So, the other things I’m going to do to try and jump start baby girl’s birthday:

  1. Walking!  I’m parking further away from buildings, and trying to walk more when possible.  This one is hard because of the heat in Colorado right now.  It’s been over 90 degrees for weeks now, and it doesn’t even really cool off at night.  Boo.
  2. Stair climbing.  Another self-explanatory one.  I need to start going up and down the stairs.  Another one made harder because of the heat.  But I guess I could do this in my office building through the end of the week….
  3. IKEA trip.  Laura and I are going to take a trip to IKEA on Monday.  This will involve a LOT of stairs, and a LOT of walking.  Just what I need!  And I might find awesome stuff to buy at the same time.  Double win.
  4. Castor oil.  This will be a last resort.  I have mixed feelings on this, and while I’d LIKE for baby to come when she’s ready…. it’s MY body, and I want it back.  I’m still not 100% on this one.
  5. The sex.  As stated before, I don’t want to push Steve too much into this.  He’s still recovering, and has an open wound on his abdomen.
  6. Evening primrose oil.  You can either insert this into the vagina or take it orally…. I’m willing to try either.  Where the heck can you buy this?

Those are the things I’m willing to try.  Mainly, I’m just uncomfortable, can’t sleep well, it’s hot outside, and I’m so DONE being pregnant.  Sorry, baby girl.  I love you, but it’s time to move out of your temporary home!


38 Weeks

19 Aug

1 week of work left.  2 weeks until d-day.  But I really do have a feeling she’s going to be late.

Bambino:  6.8 pounds, 19.5 inches long.  That’s according to the books and websites.  In our ultrasound last week, the doctor said that you’re actually only about 6 pounds, and are hovering in the 27th percentile.  Which is perfectly fine with Momma.  Has a firm grasp, so will be ready to grab onto fingers in her first hours of life.

Momma:  Pubic bone and back pain, oh MY!  I’m not really sure if baby girl has dropped, but if she hasn’t – I’m in for a world of more pain.  Lucky me!  A little anxious and scared about the whole labor and delivery, but MORE THAN ready to meet my baby girl.  I’m so excited to finally see what she looks like.  Will she be a blond?  Will she even have any hair?  What color will her eyes be?  COME OUT, BABY!

Daddy:  Marvels every night at your acrobatics.  He puts his hand on my belly, and it’s almost like you’re doing a little dance for your Daddy.  Such an entertainer.

37 Weeks

12 Aug

Full term, BABY!  That’s right – I’ve got a fully cooked baby in my body.

You know what that means, baby?  You’re welcome to come any time now….  Seriously.  And please don’t be late.  Being late is rude, and is frowned upon in our family.  🙂

Baby A:  Weighs a bit over 6 pounds, 19 inches long.  She’s done with all of her cooking, and if she were to decide to make today her birthday, she would likely have no respiratory issues and would be able to come home quickly.  Still has not dropped, but also still enjoys ramming her head into Momma’s bladder.  That’s cute, baby.  Real cute.

Momma:  Celebrating nursing bras that fit correctly, and have no poky wires!  2-3 bathroom breaks in the middle of the night are the norm.  I still only look about 30 weeks pregnant, despite the fact that I’m nearly done.  This confuses store clerks and strangers in the mall.  Two weeks of work left!

Daddy:  Has been noticing the clothing choices of teenage girls, and has decided that our daughter will be locked in the basement until she’s 30.  Sorry, baby girl.

36 Weeks

5 Aug

4 more weeks until B-day!  (Baby-day)  3 more weeks of work left (thank GOD).  I’ve been thinking back to the past 7 months – it seems surreal that we found out about this little miracle 213 days ago.  I still remember waking up on New Years Eve morning thinking “I feel weird, something is up….”  One pregnancy test later, add 7 months, and here we are – about to become parents.

How in the world did I know something was up?  I’m just really glad that I took that pregnancy test.  Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I would have imbibed in a little too much champagne and cocktails that night.  Granted, I did drink over the Christmas holidays while I was probably already pregnant…. but of course, the sooner you find out about these things, the better.

Anywho.  The insides:

Baby A:  Weighs around 6 pounds, 18.5 inches long.  That’s as big as a melon!  She is head down, as she has been since our 18 week ultrasound.  Good girl!  She is shedding her vernix and the downy hair, which she will then swallow and it becomes her meconium.  AKA, her first poo.  At the end of this week, she is considered full term.  WOW!

Momma:  Had the most uncomfortable night of sleep yet.  We went to stay at our friend’s house in Estes Park.  The bed up there is tiny, and not the most comfortable thing in the world (ie, hard as a rock).  I woke up at about 3am with absolute SEARING pain in both of my hips.  It literally felt like someone was hammering nails into my hips.  I tried to reposition, but it was too late.

Other than that, things are just fine.  I’m feeling more and more like a beached whale, and baby is welcome to make her appearance any day now.  In fact, I would be totally fine with a mid-August arrival.  But I won’t get my hopes up…..

Daddy:  I know I’ve said this before, but I’m going to keep on saying it over and over – Baby girl, you and I are the luckiest girls in the world to have your Daddy in our lives.  🙂