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3rd Date-iversary

10 May

On May 10, 2008, Steve and I went on our first date.  After a couple of months corresponding online, he finally gathered the courage to ask me out.  We met at Carrabba’s for a nice dinner and had what I thought was a pretty good time.  The conversation wasn’t forced, and I thought he was pretty cute.

As we ended the night, we walked to the parking lot.  I expected him to walk me to my car and at least give me a goodnight hug.  I got nothing of the sort.  He said something about having a good time and then scurried to his car (yes, he drove his GTO that night – what a stud) and quickly drove away.  I remember thinking ‘well, it was a nice date but I doubt if I’ll ever hear from him again’.  Imagine my surprise when I not only heard from him again – but it was the next day.

Today, I know the truth about that night.  Basically, Steve has a gas problem.  He was trying to hold it in, but was having trouble at the end of the night.  Instead of grossing me out, he choose to get into his car and let it go there.  I can only imagine how badly his car smelled while he drove home.

For our second date we had dinner at Hickory House and saw Iron Man at the movie theater.  I got a proper hug and kiss that night, and the rest is history.  I moved into his house less than a year after our first date, we got engaged in January of 2010, and got married on August 28, 2010.

Funny how things have a way of working out.