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Royal Dreams

25 Apr

Last night I had a dream that Steve and I went to London to attend the royal wedding.  We were invited guests, and had seats in Westminster Abbey and everything.  In my dream, Princess Di was still alive, and we sat next to her – she thought it was REALLY cool that I was born on the day she married Prince Charles.

That’s right, I was born that day!  While the rest of the world was watching the royal wedding and daydreaming about Di’s dress, my Mom was in labor.  Poor Mom.  She didn’t even get to watch the proceedings.

This dream was probably brought on by the fact that I watched a two hour special on TV all about the wedding of Lady Di and Prince Charles.  Like, I literally laid on the couch and watched the entire thing.  What a good use of my Sunday time, right?

At any rate, I certainly hope that the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton turns out a little better than the past – oh – 5 royal marriages.  They don’t have a good track record, do they?

Good luck William and Kate!