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Sherman’s Birthday!

3 May

Today is Sherman’s 4th birthday.  The thing about greyhounds is that you know their exact birthday – it’s tattooed on their ears.  I’ve never really been one for celebrating the birthdays of pets, but I will certainly give him a few extra ear scratches tonight.  How could you not love a face like this?

We adopted Sherman from Colorado Greyhound Adoption in September of 2010.  We had just gotten married, and decided it was time to expand our family.  Steve wasn’t too sure about greyhounds when we first started dating, but Sandy changed his mind.  Greyhounds are cuddly, cute, affectionate, and make the perfect house pets!

Sandy is now an 8 year old 49 pound female, and she’s slowing down a bit.  Her face is getting more gray hairs, but she still loves to run and play in the backyard.  Sherman is now a 4 year old 60 pound male, and we describe him as a ‘bull in a china shop’.  This silly boy will go to great lengths to get attention, and loves Steve more than anyone in the whole world.

My gosh, that face!  Makes me want to run home and give scratches right NOW.

We highly recommend greyhounds as pets, and CGA is a great organization to work with in the Denver metro area.