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Seven Months

10 Apr

Dear Charlie Bear,

This month started out a little rough, to tell you the truth. Because we started solids, you came down with some bad constipation. You were straining and hurting, and when things finally got free you had some bleeding. I felt so terrible for you and wish I could have taken that pain. I called the pediatrician and they recommended mixing in up to 6 ounces of apple juice in your breastmilk or formula per day. We went right out and bought apple juice and you were back to normal the next day. Poor thing! At least now we know how to solve the problem, right?


We had our first dose of some amazing spring Colorado weather, and I tried to take advantage of it as much as I could. We went on walks, went to the park, and just got out of the house.

27Weeks (5)

On the afternoon of your six month pediatrician checkup (which was a week late, whoops!) your Daddy and I took you to a restaurant and got you a highchair for the first time. You loved being able to sit at the table with us, and we loved actually being able to eat our food! Because you’re so small, we had to bring a blanket to wedge into the highchair, but I’m sure you’ll round things out soon.


You’re starting to get a little bit of stranger anxiety. Sometimes when someone else is holding you (even Nana or Gramps), you’ll look over at me and start crying. I’m hoping this phase passes quickly, because there are so many people who just want to hold you and love on you!


The weather is really starting to get nice, so we’ve been trying to get outside for walks more often. You love going for walks – it seems to calm you down nicely. On nice weekends we try and take a walk to the park so you can go on the swings which you love. Your Daddy also took you down the slide for the first time.


The main event of most days is EATING! You absolutely love solid foods. You get three solid meals per day. Your favorites are sweet potato, chicken, steak, apples, pears, and peaches. You’re not too fond of carrots, but you’ll still eat them. Your face lights up when we get out the package of Mum Mums. You LOVE those things!


At the end of the month, you went for your first swimming lesson. Truthfully, it was kind of a disaster. You were cold and scared and just cried the whole time. Luckily you have persistent parents, and we tried again. The second time was much better and you actually seemed to even enjoy yourself. We haven’t started with dunking you underwater yet because we want to make sure you’re totally comfortable with the pool before subjecting you to that.

28Weeks (9)

Seven Months:

Words: Mamamamamama. It still counts.

29Weeks (15)

Movement: You’re all over the place! You’re pulling yourself to a stand, rolling over, standing and holding onto things, sitting up, getting on all fours. You’ll be crawling before we know it. Such a big girl!

Teeth: Still no signs.

Firsts: Pulled yourself to a stand on 3/13/12. Got on all fours.

Loves: Still bathtime with Daddy. Swings at the park.

Food-based likes: Pickles, lemons, pears, oatmeal, breastmilk, sweet potatoes, chicken, steak, Mum Mums, apples, toast, and AVOCADOS.

Music-based likes: Quite fond of Twinkle Twinkle this month.

Hates: Having your face wiped clean after meals, the swimming pool at your first lesson.

Annoying features: The huge mess you make while eating. I don’t mind it too much, I just hate listening to your Daddy complain about it!

Weird-ass features: Your “talking” went to a whole other level this month. You found your voice and you’re not afraid to use it.

Finds hilarious: Kissy faces, the dogs, Daddy throwing you in the air, playing peek-a-boo, throwing food on the floor.

Finds terrifying: Nothing this month.

Sleeping: You sleep better than your poor parents. Bedtime is around 8pm and you sleep soundly until about 6:45am, at which time you play in your crib quietly until we come get you at 7am. THANK YOU, BABY! ūüôā

Diapers: Smallest setting on cloth during day, size 3 disposables at night.

Measurements: Don’t have official measurements, but everyone agrees that you seem to have had a growth spurt since your pediatrician appointment.

Nicknames: Charlie, Charlie Bear, Pumpkin, Boobooface, Best Baby in the World




30Weeks (5)

7Months (3)

7Months (10)


Six Months

7 Mar

Dear Charlie Bear,

You’re now 1/2 a year old. Seriously, stop growing up so quickly. I just can’t take it!

22Weeks (1)

Momma really started to develop and concentrate on her photography business, and it’s so helpful to have a little subject around all the time. We are really hoping that the photography biz takes off so I can contribute to the family income but still be able to be a “stay at home Mom”.


This month we celebrated your first Valentine’s Day. Because the holiday fell on a Tuesday, we didn’t plan for much. I made a nice dinner for your Daddy, and we exchanged gifts. He got an amazing new garlic press and a game called Bananagrams, and I got an external flash for my camera. Momma like!

23Weeks (9)


Oma came through town for a couple of days and was so happy to see you. She’ll be on her way back through in a week, and I’m sure she’ll be happy to see you then as well.


Over one weekend we went up to Broomfield to see the place where your Daddy will probably be working soon. Wazee is moving to a much bigger, nicer facility in a much better neighborhood. We’ll be going up there often for lunches, and it will be nice to head to a nice area with great restaurants.

23Weeks (2)

Two very big things happened on 2/18/12 – you ate your first solid food (a banana and some whole wheat rice cereal) and you got your first bottle of formula. I was trying to hold out until 6 months, but truthfully, Momma needed a break. It was a bit hard for me emotionally, but I know I made the right decision for you and our family. You’ll still absolutely be breastfed for the majority of your meals. As far as solids, you seemed to enjoy your banana. It mostly ended up destroyed on your highchair tray, but I’m pretty sure you ate a little bit of it. The rice cereal wasn’t to your liking, but I think that might be because I made it with water instead of breast milk or formula. We’ll try that one again soon.

FirstSolids (6)

FirstSolids (8)

On the night of February 20th, your Dad and I both got very sick with the flu. We ended up staying in bed for most of the next day, and you joined us for most of that – when you weren’t breastfeeding, you were napping in the “nook”. While it was really nice to snuggle with you all day, I’d rather not repeat the illness portion. That was just plain miserable. Luckily you did not come down with whatever it was, and things started to get back to normal on the 23rd.

24Weeks (7)

On 2/25/12, you spent most of the morning with Nana and Gramps while your Dad and I helped a friend move. When we came to get you, your face broke out into a huge grin and you were just so excited to see us. When we got home, you officially sat up by yourself for the first time ever! The next day we Skyped with Aunt Chris and you sat by yourself pretty much the whole time, showing that this whole sitting thing is just so easy. You smart girl, you.

24Weeks (18)

One random Thursday we headed downtown to pick up your Daddy and Gramps, and we all went to Red Robin for lunch. While sitting at the table, we gave you a lemon to suck on and you LOVED it. It was hilarious to watch you make sour faces but keep on grabbing for the lemon. The next day I gave you a pickle to suck on and you loved that as well. You’re really starting to get the hang of solid foods! I got a packet of apples to see if you liked those before making them myself, and you love apples. It’s much more fun to feed you now that I’m getting the hang of knowing what you like.



FirstSwing (6)

To round out the month, we went to the Denver Zoo with Laura and Clare on a beautiful March day. It was a lot of fun seeing you react to the people and things around you. Eventually you conked out in the carrier and napped through the second half of the day. I can’t wait until you’re old enough to understand what’s going on and enjoy seeing the animals!

26Weeks (1)

6Months (3)

Six Months:

Words: Mamamamamamamama. What, it totally counts.

Movement: Rolling, rolling, rolling. You make motions like you are trying to crawl, but haven’t quite figured out that you need to get on your knees before that will work.

Teeth: Still nada. Which is still juuuuuuuust fine by Momma.

Firsts: Sat up by yourself on 2/25/12. Went for a swing at the park on 3/4/12.

Loves: Grabbing faces and pulling on lips, bathtime, when Daddy gets home from work, bathtime, playing with your feet, and bathtime.

Food-based likes: Breastmilk and formula. As far as solids go, you seem to like apples and pears, and you LOVE pickles. Strange child.

Music-based likes: The ABC song is like a revelation. WHOA, letters.

Hates: Being hungry (can’t blame you on that one), sitting in one place for too long, being bored, getting strapped into your car seat.

Annoying features: You’ve started to take handfuls of boob in your hand while breastfeeding and squeezing as hard as you possibly can. Ouch.

Weird-ass features: Lunges after any sort of food or drink in our hands. Like, “forget that banana crap, I WANT A BURRITO”.

Finds hilarious: Fart noises, being thrown into the air by your Dad, hanging upside down, when we pretend to eat your tummy.

Finds terrifying: Dad sneezing or coughing. Can’t say I blame you though, he’s LOUD!

Sleeping: Champion sleeper baby of the world! Two solid naps per day, and 10-11 hours in a row at night. I’m now knocking on wood vigourously in case typing that will possibly jinx our superb sleeping situation.

Diapers: Smallest setting on cloth. Size 2 disposables when we’re lazy and/or out and about for the day.

Measurements: 13 pounds even (5th percentile), 24.75 inches long (15th percentile). You are a wee little sprite, but your pediatrician isn’t too concerned at this point. We’ll see what happens at your 9 month appointment and take it from there.

Nicknames: Charlie, Charlie Bear, Pumpkin, Poopypants, Boogerface, Boobooface.

6Months (14)

We love you to the moon and back, baby girl.

Five Months

8 Feb

Charlie Bear,

You’re 5 months old!¬† This was a pretty darn good month, if I do say so.¬† And I do.

18Weeks (3)

We broke down and bought a minivan this month.¬† Growing up I never thought I would be the type of Mom that would drive a minivan, and I even went so far as to actively reject the idea of that type of transportation.¬† Then you came along, and all of that changed.¬† It’s a fantastic van with tons of features that make my life much easier.¬† I no longer have to bend in and contort my body to get your carseat out of the back of a two door car.¬† And it has a rear DVD system, which I’m sure you will absolutely love when you get older and can front face.

19Weeks (3)

We went with Laura and Clare to our first Book Babies session.¬† You were so well behaved, and seemed to really enjoy the interactions with all of the other babies.¬† I think that will become a weekly activity for us, because you like it AND it’s free!¬† Double score!

19Weeks (17)

Bath time is truly your favorite part of the day.¬† Your Daddy fills the tub and gets in there with you and your face just lights up when you realize what is going to happen.¬† We got a great video of you “swimming” and you’re just so cute!¬† We’ll definitely get you into swimming lessons when you’re¬†6 months or so.


You discovered your thumb this month. I was a thumb sucker and was hoping to avoid that with you, but it’s not exactly something I can stop. Hopefully it won’t cause any orthodontic issues down the road. If it does, I know of a great orthodontist! ūüôā

20Weeks (2)

We watched your first Super Bowl as a family. This year was the Patriots versus the Giants. The Broncos didn’t make it to the big game, but not for lack of support on your part.

20Weeks (12)

This month brought some sleep challenges, and I felt like I was failing as a mother. We adjusted your sleep schedule and it only took you one night to get in the routine and you slept for 10 hours straight!

21Weeks (1)
21Weeks (13)
21Weeks (17)

Five Months:

Words: Nothing yet, although you make all the normal baby sounds. You love saying long drawn out M’s.

Movement:¬†You’re a rolling fool!¬† You mostly roll to your left side, so we’ll need to work on the right as well.

Teeth:¬† Nothing yet, but you’re drooling like crazy.¬† I have a feeling it won’t be too much longer.

Firsts:¬† Book babies.¬† You nursed while in your carrier, which was like a revelation for me – it’s so easy!

Loves: Baths, fart noises, baths, putting everything in your mouth, baths, being naked, and baths.

Food-based likes:¬† Still just breastmilk, but we’re thinking of starting some solids soon.

Music-based likes:¬† You don’t seem to care what’s on the stereo, but you love when I sing Raffi songs.

Hates:¬† Having a dirty diaper, being strapped into your carseat, anytime we aren’t focusing all of our attention on you, and the hours of 6:30-8:00pm.

Annoying features: You’ll have one really good night of sleep, then regress the next night.¬† You’re making a liar out of me, kid.¬† The screeching.¬† Oh my lord, the screeching.¬† Relatedly, you get on your stomach and then screech because you can’t get to your back.¬† Time to learn that trick, little lady.

Weird-ass features:  Projectile spit-up. How in the world do you do that?

Finds hilarious:  Fart noises, raspberries on your tummy, and splashing in the bath.

Finds terrifying:  Dad sneezing.  The horror!

Eating:  Still solidly on team boobies.

Sleeping:  Most nights you sleep 10-11 hours. Sleep training for the win!

Diapers:  Smallest setting on the cloth.  Disposable size 2 at night.

Measurements:Not sure, we’ll have to wait until the 6 month checkup for exact numbers. You still seem a bit on the small side, but definitely growing steadily.

Nicknames:  Charlie Bear, Charlie, BooBoo Face, Pumpkin, Boogerface, Screechy McScreecherson.

5Months (1)
5Months (4)
5Months (7)
5Months (11)
5Months (13)

We love you so much, baby girl.
-Mommy and Daddy

Four Months

7 Jan

My Dear Charlotte,

Things just get better and better. That should be the motto of parenthood.¬† Just when I think you can’t get any cuter, you turn around and turn the cute up to 11.

14Weeks (7)

This was an eventful month in your life!¬† Your friend Clare was born¬†on December 6th, and¬†we went to meet her on the 7th at the hospital.¬† You obviously have no clue what the heck other babies are at this point, so our visit was mostly for my sake.¬† We are all looking forward to the days when the two of you can actually play together.¬† You’re so close in age, and you’ll probably¬†be in the same grade levels for school.

14Weeks (33)

Your cousin Christopher was then born on December 12th.  Just a few days after that your Oma and Papa came into town to meet him and be here in Colorado for Christmas.  The next couple of weeks were a whirlwind.

15Weeks (51)

Your first Christmas was fantastic!¬† On Christmas Eve we went over to Great-Papa’s house and had our traditional buffet dinner.¬† We didn’t stay for too long, because Mommy and Daddy get really tired these days.¬† Christmas morning your Auntie Chris, Nana, and Gramps came over to open presents¬†and have breakfast.¬† You got fantastic gifts from everyone, you are so loved!¬† You slept right through the present opening, which I suspect will be the only year that will¬†ever happen.¬† We had a quiet house for the afternoon, and then everyone came over to our house for Christmas dinner.¬† Nana was supposed to host this at her house, but has been dealing with some major medical issues and we decided to take the burden off of her.¬† You were perfectly well behaved and¬†even sat with Gramps and “opened” your present from Oma¬†and Papa.¬† We have plenty of pictures from your first Christmas.

Christmas 2011 (108)
Christmas 2011 (53)

Because of all the craziness of the holidays, your sleep schedule got very messed up.¬†¬†We eventually figured out that you just sleep better in your own room.¬† Mommy and Daddy make lots of noise, the dogs make noise, your bed gets bumped, and you just wake up more often.¬† The first night I left you in your crib for the night you slept all the way through the night!¬†¬†Mommy was a different story, but I’ll get used to it as time goes on.


Your first New Years Eve was extremely uneventful.  In fact, none of us stayed up to welcome the new year.  We were all just too tired!

16Weeks (4)
17Weeks (28)

Your fourth month of life was fun, and maybe even a little stressful at times.¬† You’re such a good little girl, and I know that despite the rough patches, 99% of the time you’re very happy.
Four Months:

Eating:¬† Still exclusively breastfeeding!¬† I’m proud that I have made it this far, and I’m planning on continuing until you’re 1 year old.¬† I’ve also been researching baby led weaning, because I really don’t want to have to deal with pureed food and feeding with a spoon.¬† Basically, you’ll just be eating whatever Mommy and Daddy eat!

Sleeping:¬† You generally sleep between 8-10 hours a night, with the exception of around the holidays because of our hectic schedule.¬† Now that you’re in your crib, I think you could probably go 10-12 hours.

Diapers:  Smallest setting on cloth diapers during the days.  We put you in a size 2 disposable at night because they are much more absorbent and can last for more hours.

Playtime:¬† This month you started so many new activities!¬† You are now officially playing on your mat, jumperoo, and activity center.¬† You press the buttons on your activity center to make noises and it’s adorable.¬† You also love seeing yourself in the mirror.

Measurements:  Not sure yet, will find out at 4 month pediatrician appointment.

Developments:¬† Rolling over!¬† You get over to your stomach but can’t get over to your back and you get angry.¬† You are smiling and laughing up a storm.¬† You reach out for toys and grasp them, often trying to get them into your mouth.¬† You laugh up a storm when we make raspberries on your tummy or tickle your armpits.

Nicknames: Charlie, Pumpkin, Peanut, Boogerface, Barfmeister

4Months (2)
4Months (12)
4Months (26)
4Months (30)
4Months (32)
4Months (36)
4Months (42)

As you can see, your Daddy was home for your 4 month photo shoot. He has a very strange sense of humor. ūüôā

We love you, boogerface.  Thanks for making this our most memorable year yet.


-Mommy and Daddy

Three Months

7 Dec

Dear Charlotte,

And you’re now three months old.¬† Time is just FLYING by.¬† Please stop growing so quickly.¬† It seems like every day you’ve gained weight and length.¬† I look back at your pictures from the day you were born and it’s hard to believe you’re the same baby.

9Weeks (1)

This month we went downtown again to have lunch with Daddy and Grandpa Jim.  We ate at a restaurant called the Buckhorn Exchange, which is apparently the oldest restaurant in Colorado.  You were so well behaved and everyone that walked by commented on how beautiful you are.  That seems to be a theme Рeverywhere we go, people fawn over you.


We had our friends Matt and Leah over for dinner, and they brought their daughter Regan.¬† She was due a week after you, but ended up coming into the world before you.¬† It was fun to see another cute baby around the same age as you, and we had a really nice dinner.¬† Our dinner conversations were very different from what they were in the past, though.¬† While we used to talk about college, drinking, work, and vacations, this time our conversations centered around diapers, labor, nap schedules, and baby carriers.¬† My how babies change everything…..

10Weeks (15)

This month your personality really started to shine through.¬† Instead of just being a baby…. just…. there….. you are smiling, and responding, and talking, and generally making my day. You love playing on your floor mat, and really exercise your lungs while yelling at the elephant.

Getting into the bath

We celebrated your first Thanksgiving, but kept it a bit on the small side in terms of scale.¬† Usually we have a house full of people, but this year I decided to keep it simple.¬† Your Dad and I cooked all day long, and Nana and Grandpa Jim came over for dinner.¬† You obviously couldn’t have any turkey, but you sat with us at the table and enjoyed some breastmilk.

11Weeks (1)

Your hands were the center of your attention this month.¬† Anything you could get into your mouth went in, especially your hands.¬† You also sat in the Bumbo chair for the first time, and you really enjoy that.¬† It’s helping you to build strong neck and back muscles, so we’ll try to keep that up.

12Weeks (3)


Three Months:

Eating: Still exclusively breastfeeding! I have to say, while I don’t 100% love breastfeeding, I do love the time we get to spend together because of it. I am now planning on going all the way to 1 year old and possibly longer, since it provides such amazing benefits. I won’t lie, I’m looking forward to getting you started on solids (when you’re ready, of course).

Sleeping: 8-10 hours at night!  Baby girl, you make your parents very happy. The Woombie is an absolute necessity.

Diapers:¬† We finally made the transition to cloth, and it has worked out well.¬† I did go ahead and order some more (yeah Black Friday deals!), because I don’t really want to have to run laundry every other day.¬† But so far we have only had one blow-out.¬† Your nighttime diapers do look a little ridiculous, but hey – it keeps you happy and you don’t wake up screaming for a diaper change, so we’re sticking with the routine!

Playtime: You love lying on your playmat and batting at the dangling animals. Every once in a while you catch on to a toy and love pulling it towards you, in an attempt to get it in your mouth.

Measurements: About 12 pounds according to the bathroom scale. On the smallest setting of your diapers.

Developments: You love talking, cooing, and sticking your tongue out. You make raspberries regularly, and love sucking on your fist. You can stand up under your own power, as long as you have some help balancing. Rolling over is imminent, as you get yourself on your side and just need to move your arm to get yourself over.

Nicknames: Charlie, Pumpkin, Peanut, Boogerface.

3Months (7)
3Months (11)
3Months (19)
3Months (23)
3Months (25)
3Months (31)

Love you to the moon and back,

Two Months

7 Nov

Dear Charlotte,

This month seemed to just fly by! You’re growing and learning so quickly, it’s hard for us to keep up with your development. Here’s a fussy-britches moment that was memorable.


Some of the things you did this month:

Took your first trip to the Denver Zoo. I’m sure it was the first of many, and you slept through most of the day. But it was still fun to take you with me! There was a natural mothering fair going on, and all of the exhibitors fawned over you. You’re such a beautiful baby!

Five weeks

We celebrate a lot of birthdays in October – this year your Dad turned 37, Grandpa Jim turned 63, Oma turned 59, and cousin Alina turned 1 all within a one week timespan. That’s a lot of celebrating to be done!


Nana and Grandpa watched you for a couple of hours while Mommy and Daddy went grocery shopping. That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is a big deal to Mommy! It’s hard to think of being away from you for even an hour, so it took a lot for me to let go like that. I know Nana and Grandpa will take really good care of you, but I still have a hard time leaving. I’m sure it will get better with time, but for right now I just want to be around you 24/7.


One night you slept for seven hours in a row. That may not seem like much to you now, but it’s a lot for such a young baby! We are thankful that you’re becoming such a good sleeper.

Six weeks

We attended your cousin Alina’s first birthday party. She was so excited and happy all day, and we’re glad you got to share her big day. Although you won’t remember a thing, we took plenty of pictures. The day after that party, we took a day trip up to Loveland to meet your great grandparents. Grandma and Grandpa Shields live in an assisted living facility, and we ate lunch with them and got to see their new digs. Once again, you were the hit of the place and everyone commented on how beautiful and well behaved you were.


I had a six week follow up visit with the midwife clinic who delivered you, and you tagged along with me to that. Afterwards, we went over to meet my former coworkers at the University of Colorado. They were excited to finally meet you.

Eight weeks

We had our first early season Colorado snow storm this month. I’m sure it will be the first of many in your lifetime.


You celebrated your first Halloween, and while you didn’t get to join in on the trick-or-treating, we did get you a costume.¬† You were the cutest pea in the pod ever!


You had your first round of immunizations at your 2 month checkup, and let’s just say you were none too pleased.¬† We were able to get you calmed down quickly, but you had a miserable night.¬† You didn’t want to nap in your crib, so your Dad and I took turns snuggling you on the couch.¬† You slept most of the day and the whole night after that.

Two Months:

Eating: still exclusively breastfeeding. You’re such a good sleeper that I have been able to pump at night, and feed you¬†the expressed milk¬†on nights when I want an adult libation. Good times!

Sleeping: 7-8 hours a night! Yeah, baby!

Diapers: still using the size one disposables that we got for free from the study we are in. Those will run out in the next couple of weeks, and we will finally make the transition to cloth.

Playtime: We got you a playmat and you love looking at the dangling toys. You bat at them every once in a while, but you haven’t quite figured out that the reason they move is because you touch them.

Measurements: 9 pounds, 15 ounces (25th percentile). 22.5 inches (50th percentile). Cute as a button.

Developments: You’re now “talking”, and you smile on a regular basis. We’ve gotten a lot of this on video, and I think they will be fun for you to see when you’re older.

Nicknames: Charlie, Pumpkin, Peanut.

2Months (29)
2Months (35)
2Months (38)
2Months (47)
2Months (53)
2Months (55)

We’re so lucky to have you in our lives, little one.¬† Thank you for making us parents.¬† ūüôā



One Month

15 Oct

Dear Charlotte,

It’s hard for me to believe that you are already one month old. You are growing so quickly, we can even see changes from morning to night! I’m will be writing you monthly letters so that when you get older, you will be able to look back and really know what happened in the first part of your life.

You came into the world with a bang on 9/7/11, 5 days late. You have your own schedule, and you’re sticking to it. We started breastfeeding within 1 hour of your birth, and you took to it like a champ. When my milk came in 3 days after you were born, you were ready! A marathon nurser, I have spent many hours on the couch watching old episodes of Friends and Gilmore Girls while you slurp away. All that nursing paid off. At your two week pediatrician appointment, you weighed in at 7 pounds 6 ounces and 20 inches long!


We came home from the hospital and Daddy was promptly called away to an urgent work meeting. He wanted so badly to stay with us, but he also knows that he is our provider now. He loves you so much, and will do whatever it takes to make sure he provides a stable home. We may not be the richest of people, but we will always provide you with what you need. In your first week of life you also took your first car ride, which you slept through. I feel lucky that you sleep through car rides – it makes it much easier to get places! You also had your first spongue bath this week in the big master suite bathtub. You did not enjoy it, mostly because you got cold. We switched up our routine to make sure you stay warm, and now you really enjoy baths.

1 week

In your second week of life, your umbilical stump fell off. Your Dad being who he is, kept it…. You might stumble across it someday in our home. We went to a baby shower for Miss Laura’s baby, Clare. Everyone there promptly fell in love with you, and you spent a lot of time being passed around. Hit of the party! You also went to Children’s Hospital this week to be measured and have a bone density scan for the research study we have been participating in. You looked so cute for the pea pod measurements, like a little astronaut about to take off into space!

2 weeks

During week three, you had your first Skype session with Aunt Christine. She lives in California and was so excited to finally see you moving and squirming around. This week we also started using the various carriers we have – the Ergo, the Moby, and the sling wrap. You really love cuddling up next to Mommy in the Moby wrap, and you take many of your naps in there while I get things done around the house. You got your first real bath this week, and you truly loved it. As long as we keep you nice and warm, you’re a happy girl. Sleeping is still hit or miss, but you slept for a 5 hour stretch this week! This week Oma headed back to Massachusetts, but don’t worry – she’ll be back to spoil you at Christmas.

3 weeks

Week four brought the addition of a cosleeper to Mom and Dad’s room, which makes our life a little easier at night. You mastered the art of swaddle escape this week. We also went downtown and picked Daddy up from work to go get lunch. You were a good girl and slept the entire time, making it easy on us for our first restaurant experience post-baby.

Four weeks

At the end of your first month, Aunt Christine arrived for a visit. You impressed her with your ability to fill a diaper with one big fart. ūüôā


One Month:

Eating: exclusively breastfed, you nurse about 8 times per 24 hour period, 10-15 minutes on each breast.

Sleeping: Still a little sporadic, but starting to sleep longer stretches at night with the help of swaddling.

Diapers: You are still in newborn disposable diapers, but we are hoping to be able to make the switch to cloth once you get big enough for them. You go through about 9 diapers per day on average.

Playtime: You love getting back rubs from Daddy. You blow bubbles whenever he blows on your face. You stare at areas of high contrast, and one of your favorites is Mommy and Daddy’s headboard on the bed. You like sitting in the bouncy seat, but only if the buzzing is turned on and you have your paci.

Measurements: As of two weeks, you were 7 pounds 6 ounces, and 20 inches long. We won’t get updated stats until your two month pediatrician visit.

Nicknames: Charlie, Charlie Beth, BooBoo Face, Bubby.

This first month of being your Mommy has been perfect. Despite the challenges and sleep deprivation, I wouldn’t change a single thing. You really are my sunshine. Thank you for coming into our lives – we are better off because of you.

One month
One month
One month

Love you to the moon and back,