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14 Months

7 Nov

My sweet Charlotte,

Another month is in the books!

You say “Hi” constantly! It’s really cute, but I’m pretty sure you have no clue what it means. We’ve started to work with you on identifying body parts. So far the only one you’ve done was nose – but I’m sure the rest will come soon.

One evening we wanted to make sure your Halloween costume fit properly, so we went ahead and put you in it after bathtime. You were so adorable running around the room as a little ladybug! Unfortunately, we forgot that the costume didn’t have grippy feet. You were running in the kitchen on the wood floors and bit the dust. Hard. Your lip cracked open and started bleeding, and immediately swelled up. We felt so badly for you. You got lots of extra snuggles and kisses that night.

We pulled off a HUGE surprise this month! We flew to Boston on October 13, 2012, rented a car, and drove down to Plymouth where Oma and Papa live. Oma had no clue that we were coming to surprise her for her 60th birthday. We arrived at their house and when she saw us let out a big yelp. She was so happy to see you, little lady!

We stayed in a rental house in Plymouth, which was the perfect situation for us. You had your own room and a portable crib, which made naptimes and bedtimes so much easier. The first full day in town we went to breakfast at Oma and Papa’s favorite restaurant and then took a nice long walk around Plymouth. It’s a very historic town, but since you’re still a bit young for that kind of thing, you mostly stayed in your stroller and talked. We saw Plymouth Rock, the Jenny Grist Mill, and the Mayflower II.

The second day Oma had to work, so we took a walk to the private beach just a half mile down the road from the rental house. You LOVED the beach. You ran around picking up rocks and playing with the sand, and even got your feet wet. That was your first time in the ocean and I can tell you’ll really love beach vacations in the future. That afternoon Papa took us to Marion Harbor where he works during the summers and we got to take your first boat ride. You loved being out on the water!

Day three brought more adventures – we went to Plimouth Plantation, which is basically a living museum about the natives and colonists from England. You didn’t really enjoy this part of the trip, but you tolerated it I guess. You were much happier when we got down to the pier to have lunch and Daddy took you outside to run around. That night we took a drive to Pembroke to have a birthday dinner with Papa’s kids and grandkids. And there are a LOT of them. There were 8 adults and 7 kids in the house, making things a little crazy. We had a good time and it was fun to see you interacting with the other kids.

The fourth day was the biggest day yet – our day in Boston! We took the T into the city and you seemed to love everything about the experience. After finally getting to the city it was time for lunch, so we met up with Mama’s friend Taryn. We had a delicious lunch and it was nice to catch up with our friend. After that we took off for a walking tour of the city. There are a LOT of historic sites in Boston, so we decided to follow the Freedom Trail. It’s a walking tour that goes through a lot of the landmarks, ending at the USS Constitution. By the end our feet were very sore! You were a lucky little girl who got to ride in the stroller or carrier the whole time.

We ended the walking tour a little early because it was then time to head over to Cambridge for dinner. We met up with Papa’s niece, Colleen, for a nice dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant. It was absolutely wonderful food and company! By the time dinner was over, it was time to head back south to Plymouth.

Our last full day in Massachusetts was spent doing a little more touring and spending time with Oma. We went to the Cape Cod Canal, which has a cool little museum. You loved running around the museum, and they even had a little table with boats for kids to play with. After leaving the canal, we went on a driving tour around the countryside. October is a gorgeous time in Massachusetts with all of the colors changing. That night we had a delicious seafood chowder for dinner at Oma and Papa’s house.

All things have to end, and we headed back to Colorado early the next morning. You were a great little traveler and even napped for an hour and a half on the plane. Such a sweetheart.

One of your new behaviors is screaming. Not angry screaming – these are screams of pure joy. You wind up, put your arms behind your back, and belt out with ear shattering screams.

Your second Halloween was celebrated in style. We got you in your ladybug costume and took you out trick-or-treating to a couple of houses. It was so adorable to see you walk up to the doors with your jack-o-lantern bucket, and everyone exclaimed how cute you were. We didn’t go to many houses, but I’m sure we’ll make up for the lack of houses in future Halloweens. We ended up coming home where we had pizza with Nana, Gramps, and Aunt Chris.

The rest of the month was low key. The weather stayed very nice, so we got out for walks and time at the playground as much as possible.

I’m not sure when the teeth actually came in, but you now have your one year molars! That’s a total of 10 teeth. You still grind them occasionally, which is absolutely terrible to hear. It’s worse than nails on a chalkboard! Your hair is coming in a bit thicker and it looks like it might be curly.

We love you more than words can say, sweet girl.


13 Months

7 Oct

My sweet Charlotte,

I’m going to change up the format of this letter – it’s hard to keep up with your developments!

Your new favorite thing to do for several weeks was to open the oven drawer and stand in it. It was cute at first but quickly became annoying when you started snagging your pants on the edge. And then you’d get stuck in there and need help getting out. I have to say, I’m glad you finally got past that obsession.

Your favorite toy from your birthday is definitely the little red wagon. Nana got it for you, and you love to put other toys in it and drag it around the living room. You even figured out that YOU could get into the wagon, which is great fun! Fun, at least, until you fall out.

I went through your closet and realized that you don’t wear a lot of the clothes we have for you. So I decided to start dressing you up in whatever I feel like. Dresses on a random Tuesday? Sure! Why not? That has created some amazing photo opportunities, I must say. You look adorable in everything, but dresses put the cuteness factor over the top.

The weather was absolutely beautiful this month, instead of being ridiculously hot. We took advantage of this by going to parks, the zoo, and on walks whenever possible. You love being outside.

One day I decided that you should create your first piece of artwork for the refrigerator. I took a blank piece of paper and just put it in front of you and handed you different colored markers. You created a masterpiece in no time! We proudly hung it on the refrigerator. I can’t wait until you’re older and do more of these activities together.

This was a fairly uneventful month, but fun at the same time.

We love you so much, sweet girl!

Twelve Months – One YEAR!

7 Sep

My sweet Charlotte,

This has been a bittersweet month for me. You’re getting so big, and it’s hard for me to watch my little baby dissappear before my eyes. I know that as the years go by, it will only get worse.

This month we watched the 2012 London Olympics. Mommy has a soft spot for the Olympics, and it seemed like you enjoyed it as well. You were especially enamored with gymnastics and swimming. Same as Momma!

You got your first big bruise. We’re still not quite sure how, but we think that a run-in with the coffee table is the most likely explanation. It’s a crescent shaped bruise on your left cheek. I don’t like knowing that you got hurt, but literally nothing has changed about your demeanor – I guess that bruise just isn’t a big deal.

One memory I want to keep forever is just a random Sunday night dinner with our family. Nana, Gramps, and Aunt Chris came over to have dinner with us. After dinner we all sat in the living room playing with you, while you ran around giving hugs to everyone and trying to steal ice cubes out of their glasses. You truly are a joy to be around my sweet girl. I love this hugging phase, and I hope it never ends.

We went up to Loveland for lunch with your Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Shields. They are moving with Great Aunt Muriel up to Wyoming because they can’t live in the assisted living home anymore. It was sad to say goodbye, but I’m happy that we got to see them before they left. Hopefully we’ll be able to take a trip up to see them in the near future.

Your Daddy and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary on 8/28/12! We left you with Nana and Gramps for the night and had a wonderful dinner at the Melting Pot. While we missed you and would have liked to have taken you with us, it was also nice to get an evening alone.

When I was pregnant and idealistic, I always said I would never let you watch television as a “babysitter”. Well, consider that one blown to hell. In order to get meals made, sometimes a little Sesame Street is just what you need. I’ll reevaluate television times as you get older, but for now I really don’t mind if you watch a couple minutes of the Cookie Monster so I can get your food prepared.

One random Saturday I made us shells and cheese for lunch. You usually sit in your highchair for meals, but both your Daddy and I just wanted to lounge in the living room. You kept running up to us and demanding more through sign language. By the end of lunch your face was covered in cheese and I think you probably ate about 1/2 a cup all by yourself. You LOVE pasta!

Your birthday was such a bittersweet day for us. It was hard to believe that a year had already passed. I got you out of bed and brought you into Mommy and Daddy’s room and sang you Happy Birthday. We had a pretty normal day – you ate, played, napped, and were your usual cheery self. That night we had homemade pizza for dinner which is a food that you love. At the end of the day, I read you a book and we rocked in your room while I sang Happy Birthday again. I still can’t believe that you’re a whole year old!

Your actual birthday was on a Friday, so we had your party the next day. My intention was to make it a small event with family and close friends, but that still meant we had 20 or so people at our house. Everything turned out great. You loved having everyone there. We took lots of pictures and video, which I’m really happy about – it went by in a flash and I almost don’t even remember it!

Twelve Months:

Words: Mama and Dada. You’re finally catching on to a bit of sign language, and it’s always a thrill to watch you throw your arms up in the air when you’re ALL DONE with meals! Sometimes you say something that sounds like “doggy”, but I’m not sure I really count that.

Movement: You now RUN at full speed. Walking just isn’t fast enough.

Teeth: Top right tooth broke through 8/12/12. Top left broke through 8/13/12. You’re our little vampire baby. The week of 8/20/12, the top two middle teeth broke through. As of your first birthday, you have 7 total teeth – four on top, three on the bottom.


Loves: Getting through the gate and running away from Mommy, watching Sesame Street, “reading” your books, throwing your bouncy balls.

Food-based likes: Watermelon (I think you’d be totally fine with that for every meal of the day), noodles (you slurp them right up), pineapple,

Music-based likes: You dance to pretty much everything I turn on. You love music, just like Momma!

Hates: Teething. But that’s true of most babies, right?

Annoying features: Grinding your teeth. It’s about a million times worse than nails on a chalkboard. It sounds like you have rocks that you’re grinding together inside your mouth. I really hope you outgrow this phase soon.

Weird-ass features: Your love of ice cubes is huge. Anytime anyone gets ice from the freezer, you run over and demand that we share. I’m sure it feels good on your sore gums!

Finds hilarious: Taking your toy balls and dropping them around the house, escaping from the baby-proofed area of the house.

Finds terrifying: You took the nightlight off your wall one day and Momma forgot to put it back in. You woke up at 3am and couldn’t see anything (including your bink, which is what you were really looking for) and got very scared. After Momma came in to rock you and put the nightlight back in, you quickly fell back asleep.

Measurements: 17 pounds even, 27.5 inches long. You’re still measuring on the small side, which is just baffling to us.

Nicknames: Charlie, Charlie Bear, Pumpkin, Sweet Girl, Bam-Bam.

We love you so much, sweet girl.

Eleven Months

7 Aug

Dear Charlotte,

Phew! You wore me out this month!


We started the month with Mommy and Daddy leaving you with Auntie Chris for the night so we could go to Drums Along the Rockies. It’s an annual tradition for Momma, who was in drum corps for 4 summers. I’m hoping that you enjoy going to shows when you’re old enough, but for now you’ll just stay home and hang with your Auntie!


This month you really took walking seriously. You don’t really crawl anymore – like….. ever. You fall down occasionally, but pick yourself back up and keep going. It’s amazing to watch you grow and learn more.


We took our first trip to the Colorado Renaissance Festival. You seemed to enjoy things, but we’re not really sure. We walked around, saw a couple of shows, ate a lot of junk food, and had a good time. We even went on the ‘swings’ which you really loved! We didn’t stay for too long because of the heat, but I think we still got the whole experience.


This has been a really hot summer, so swimming and playing in water has been a life saver. Your Oma was nice enough to buy you a water table and baby pool when she was in town, and we have been putting them to good use. You’re not too keen on sitting in the pool yet, but you like splashing the water and playing with the water toys.



I had been avoiding shoe shopping, but finally caved and took you to get shoes. I’ve noticed that they really don’t have a lot of shoes at consignment stores, which sucks! We got you some shoes at Stride Rite in a 4M and also got some 5M for later in the year.


Late in this month, our friends Matt Leah and Reagan came to dinner. Reagan is also an early walker, and it was so fun to watch you two walk around and play with all of the toys!

11Months (1)

Eleven Months:

Words: Mama, but mostly Dada. All day long it’s “Dada” this and “Dada” that.

Movement: WALKING. Walking, walking, walking, walking, walking. My lord, child, do you ever love walking.

Teeth: We think there are two teeth on top threatening to break through, and maybe one on the bottom. Nothing quite yet, though.

Firsts: Nothing new this month, just developing on what you’ve learned!

Loves: Playing, sucking on ice cubes, destroying your books.

Food-based likes: Watermelon, turkey, cheese, mango, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelon, watermelon, and more watermelon. You’ll eat pretty much anything we put on your plate, except for bananas. Those are still apparently gross.

Music-based likes: You love it when I sing the ABC’s, but other than that you don’t really care about music.

Hates: Being woken up from naps before you’re ready, despite the fact that you’ve already slept 3 hours.

Annoying features: Screaming for food. We’re trying to train you to use the sign for “more”, but you’re not catching on very quickly.

Weird-ass features: You love picking up Daddy’s shoes and walking around with them. Which is funny, since his shoes are huge and heavy.

Finds hilarious: Pretty much everything. You’re a very happy and smily baby.

Measurements: You won’t really sit still on the scale, but you’re probably around 18 pounds. We’ll know for sure at your ONE YEAR pediatrician visit!

Nicknames: BamBam, Charlie, Charlie Bear, Sweet Girl.

11Months (8)

11Months (18)

We love you more and more each day, sweet girl.


Ten Months

7 Jul

Dear Charlotte,

This was quite a month for you in many ways – but it was also fairly uneventful.

40Weeks (3)

We started the month by celebrating Father’s Day. Nana, Gramps, and Aunt Chris came over for dinner and we gave your Daddy his presents. He’s a hard guy to shop for, so we got him a plant for his new office and a Broncos t-shirt. You’ll learn in a few months that Sundays in this house are Broncos days.

FathersDay2012 (8)

The middle part of the month was very uneventful (another word for boring, I guess). The only major thing that happened was WALKING! You’re an early walker, and have taken off without a look back.

41Weeks (5)

The month ended with a visit from Oma. While she was here, we had your cousins over to play, went swimming, and played with your new water table (courtesy of Oma). You love playing in the water!


We celebrated your first 4th of July with a BBQ at our house. We ate a whole lot of food and had a good time with family and friends. This 4th was a bit different because there were zero fireworks involved. There have been a LOT of wildfires here in Colorado and the ban on fireworks is very strict. In the future, I hope we can take you to a public display, because I think you will really enjoy it.

43Weeks (3)

When you talk, you’ll say a long string of ‘words’, followed by a short pause and then let out a high little ‘oh’. It’s hard to describe in words, but it’s absolutely adorable. I hope to catch in on video soon.


Ten Months:

Words: Dada, Mama (only when you’re mad or sad though), tah tah tah.

Movement: Walking! It’s now your preferred method of movement. That causes lots of bumps and bruises, but you’re getting more confident with each passing day.

Teeth: Still just the two bottoms.

Firsts: First unassisted steps 6/21/12.

Loves: Walking, swimming, playing in the water table, playing with Gramps, reading ‘Barnyard Dance’.

Food-based likes: Watermelon, strawberries, watermelon, apples, oatmeal, watermelon, tomatoes, watermelon, and some watermelon on the side.

Music-based likes: You dance every time I put music on, and you don’t seem to care what it is!

Hates: Having your diaper changed, putting on clothes, taking clothes off.

Annoying features: Nothing this month. You’re pretty darn awesome.

Weird-ass features: Tearing paper. It’s an obsession.

Finds hilarious: Running around naked after bathtime, hide and go seek, pulling all of the towels out of the kitchen drawer, watching the dogs run around.

Finds terrifying: Horses. Nana took you out to meet her horses and while we weren’t there to witness it, apparently you turned away screaming and crawling up on Nana’s shoulder. I don’t blame you, horses are big!

Measurements: No clue, but you’re definitely getting bigger! You’re still able to fit into 9 month clothing.

Nicknames: Charlie, Charlie Bear, Pumpkin, Snugglebug (that’s mostly just wishful thinking on Momma’s part)

10Months (4)

10Months (6)

10Months (1)

Thank you for being you, sweet girl. Mommy and Daddy love you more than words can ever say.

Nine Months

7 Jun

Dear Charlotte,

9 months! 3/4 of a year! You’ve now been on the outside for almost as long as you were inside Momma. I never thought I would use this cliche, but….. you’re growing up too fast! Just the other day I was looking back at pictures from your first month of life and could barely recognize you. The changes you make on a daily basis are almost too much to keep track of.


This month we went to the zoo with our friends Leah and Reagan. Reagan was born just a week before you, and it’s so fun to see you interact with her. I hope that the two of you will become friends as you grow older.


We celebrated our first mother’s day with you on the outside! Your Great Aunt Patty was in town and wanted to meet you, so we had a nice dinner at our house on Saturday night before mother’s day. You (and your Daddy, of course) were very generous and got me a beautiful bracelet with a heart charm. The charm has a sapphire on it, which is your birthstone. Thank you baby girl, for making me a mother. On mother’s day, I went to a sewing class and your Daddy took care of you most of the day. We went over to Nana and Gramps’ house that evening to have dinner and visit. All in all, it was a fantastic mother’s day.


On mother’s day, we discovered that your first teeth have broken through! You had been drooling like crazy, but that has been the normal for several months now. Aunt Chris was playing with you and you put her finger in your mouth and bit down, and she was surprised because it actually hurt. So we looked in your mouth, and your two bottom teeth are starting to poke through. We’re now thinking that this was the reason for you being so upset on our trip up to Blackhawk.


Your Daddy got a bike trailer this month and took you out for your first bike ride. I obviously wasn’t there for the ride, but your Daddy says you love it and have a great time! On your second ride he was going around a corner a bit too fast and the trailer tipped over. Luckily you were snugly strapped into the harness, but you were definitely scared. We’re glad that you don’t associate the trailer with fear, as it doesn’t seem to have affected your enjoyment of bike rides.


Our friends Marie and Chip held a beginning of summer BBQ at their house and we all attended. Chip has a drum set, and Marie was kind enough to give you your first drum lesson. You’re so talented, you hit the drum multiple times! I hope you grow up loving music like your Momma.


37Weeks (17)

Soon after the BBQ, our friends Leah and Reagan came over for lunch and play time. Reagan is already standing on her own and has taken a few steps. It seems that both of you are early developers!


For Memorial Day, we had a small get together at our house. It wasn’t a big deal but we had fun and it’s always nice to get our family and friends together.


On May 31, 2012, we took off for Nashville, Tennessee! Momma’s friends Kelly and Carl got married on June 2nd and we didn’t want to miss the party. This was your second vacation, but this time we didn’t have the option of just coming home if things weren’t going well. The flight out was fine – you only fussed for about 5 minutes total and mostly spent your time napping, eating, and playing with a cheap pinwheel. You spent a lot of time with your Daddy in Nashville, because Momma was off at wedding festivities. This meant lots of walks and trips to the swimming pool. Our first night in the hotel was a little rough. You screamed a LOT and finally crashed in bed with us. Neither of us had the courage to move you to the crib, so you just slept with us all night (meaning we didn’t sleep very well). The rest of the nights you slept like a dream, and even slept in!

Nashville2012 (1)

Nashville2012 (20)

Nashville2012 (17)

Nashville2012 (29)

You met a lot of new people on our trip and seemed to take so well to everyone. I lost count of the times we heard, “Oh my gosh, what a cute baby!”. You met another baby on this trip, who is the son of Mommy’s friend Katie. His name is Kenton, and he is three months younger than you but MUCH bigger. It was so cute to see the two of you together. We had a great time at Kelly and Carl’s wedding and got lots of pictures. Our flight home was pretty awesome. A nice Frontier employee got us a row with extra legroom AND an open seat! You sleep much better in your car seat, and it was awesome to be able to bring that on board for the trip home.

Nashville2012 (34)

Nashville2012 (49)

All in all, your first real vacation was a complete success! It makes us much more relaxed and calm about booking our next trip out of town.

Nashville2012 (77)

Nine Months:

Words: Dada, Doodoo, Mama, tah tah tah.

Movement: Oh my lordy, you move like crazy! Your crawling is really fast now, and you started using your push walker near the end of the month.

Teeth: Two bottom teeth came through, not sure when but we discovered them on mother’s day!

Firsts: First tooth 5/13/12. First plane ride 5/31/12. First real vacation (Nashville, TN) 5/31/12-6/4/12. Standing unassisted 6/6/12.

Loves: Bike rides with Daddy, using your push walker, Skype-ing with Oma, playing with any and all electrical cords, dancing with your reflection, trying to tear lips off peoples faces, when Daddy gets home from work, pulling all the books off the shelf, giving us hugs when we get you out of the crib, open mouth kisses, playing with kitchen utensils while Momma makes dinner.

Food-based likes: Asparagus, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, cheerios, avocado, chicken, steak, watermelon, apple, mango, and string cheese.

Music-based likes: I introduced you to Sesame Street this month and you love when I sing the C is for Cookie song. You are definitely my child.

Hates: Getting dressed, getting undressed, being in one place too long, going over big bumps in the bike trailer.

Annoying features: The hair pulling. Now I know why there’s such a thing as the “Mom haircut”.

Weird-ass features: Poops every single day between 8-9am. At least you’re regular!

Finds hilarious: Your reflection, pinwheels, and the basketball splashing in the water at the hotel pool.

Sleeping: SUCH a good sleeper. Keep it up girl. You sleep nightly from 8pm-7am, and take two solid naps during the day.

Measurements: Dr appt isn’t until next week, but you’re probably about 15.5 pounds now.

Nicknames: Charlie, Charlie Bear, Monkey, Pumpkin, BB (Bad Baby).

Thank you for making us parents, sweet girl. We love you more than words could ever begin to express.


Eight Months

7 May

Dear Charlotte,

This month started out with a bang! We had a very busy day planned, and you handled it really well. Your second swimming lesson was on 4/7/12 and you had SUCH a better time. You actually seemed to enjoy yourself, which made us give a big sigh of relief. Later that same day we headed down to Castlewood Canyon for some family photos with Holly and Matt. They are the photographers that took Mommy and Daddy’s wedding pictures. Unfortunately, the weather turned crappy and you got cold and cranky quickly. I still think we got some good pictures!



On Friday the 13th (of April 2012), we took a trip up to Loveland to see your Great Grandma and Grandpa. Great Grandpa fell and broke his hip, and was moved to a rehab facility. Your Grandpa Shields was also in town, so we made a day of it and went to visit and have lunch.


When we got home that night, you crawled for the first time! You will only crawl forward if there is something enticing in front of you like the remote control. You’re on the move, though! Guess it’s time to get a bit more serious about baby-proofing the house.


Aunt Christine moved back to Colorado after being in California for the past several years. We’re so happy she’ll be here to see you grow up!


This month we tried to take our first family vacation. The plan was to go up to Blackhawk for two nights and eat, swim, sleep, and play. To say that it didn’t go well is a vast understatement. First, your Daddy came down with a cold and really didn’t feel well the entire time. We arrived at the hotel and checked in to a very nice room. After getting dinner we headed back to our room and you were acting tired, so we put the pack and play the hotel provided in the bathroom and tried to lay you down for the night. You did NOT like the change in surroundings, and ended up crying and screaming for an hour. Which is a lot, because you’re normally so happy and smiley! You slept fitfully the whole night, waking every hour or so to whimper before going back to sleep. Your Dad was snoring really loudly, so I got very little sleep. Not a good start to our trip.

32Weeks (6)


The next day was not good. You were unhappy and didn’t even seem interested in playing. Every time we tried to calm you down to get you to take a nap, you would start screaming the second we tried to lay you down. We went up to the rooftop pool and you were happy for swimming time, which was a welcome relief. We eventually went down to get lunch and go for a walk. When we got back to our hotel room, it was clear that you were very tired but again wouldn’t sleep in the crib. The only way you slept was in my arms, so we just went with it. After waking up from an entirely too short nap, you ate a little more. You were extremely fussy and then suddenly you threw up the entire contents of your stomach onto the bed. So Daddy got in the bath with you. At this point, we were both dreading staying another night with no sleep. So we cut our losses and headed home.



We got you home and into bed, and you slept a solid 10 hours. Thank goodness. We’re heading to Nashville for a wedding in early June, so I think we need to do some work on getting you used to change!

33Weeks (28)


Your Dad had already taken the whole week off from work, so we decided to make the most of the rest of the week. We all went to the Denver Zoo, and you loved walking around on Daddy’s chest doing some people (and animal) watching.


Your first Cinco De Mayo was spent at a neighborhood block party. We are trying to get to know our neighbors a little better, and decided a party would be the perfect way to get that done. Another couple brought their newborn baby who was 6 pounds 7 ounces when she was born, which is exactly what you weighed at birth. Looking at her, it was hard to remember you ever being that small.


34Weeks (4)

Eight Months:

Words: Still just mamamamamama, and dadadadadada.

Movement: Crawling ALL OVER THE PLACE. Seriously girl, you’re a ball of energy.

Teeth: Still nothing.

Firsts: First official crawl on 4/13/12. First attempted family vacation 5/1/12.

Loves: Crawling, chewing on the end of the laptop power cord, pulling up onto anything you possibly can, playing with the remote control, playing with tupperware in the kitchen, bath time and shower time with Daddy,

Food-based likes: Steak, chicken, turkey, hamburger, sweet potatoes, toast, mango, apples, bananas, avocado.

Music-based likes: No specific preferences, though you do love when I sing to you before bedtime. I sing either “Lullabye” or “Rainbow Connection”

Hates: Taking clothes off, putting clothes on, having a dirty diaper, having your diaper changed, when we keep you from playing with things you’re not supposed to play with.

Annoying features: Lack of patience when waiting for bottle. Pooping in the middle of the night.

Weird-ass features: Scrunchy face. I’ve haven’t been able to capture this on camera, but you’re a weird girl. Love it.

Finds hilarious: The dogs, playing with and ripping paper, bouncing in the jumperoo, Daddy tickling your back, dancing with Momma in the morning.

Finds terrifying: Nothing this month, you seem to be a very brave and adventurous girl!

Eating: We’re now officially on formula, which wasn’t my preference…. but having a happy and healthy Momma is more important than a few more months of nursing. You love solid foods and will try anything we put in front of you, and usually like it.

Sleeping: Champion sleeper of the century. Your Mom and Dad thank you for this.

Diapers: Middle setting with two snaps showing in front on cloth diapers during the day, disposable size 3 at night.

Measurements: We’re pretty sure you’ve had a massive growth spurt! You’re officially wearing 6-9 month clothes, and our bathroom scale puts you at 15.2 pounds.

Nicknames: Charlie, Charlie Bear, Pumpkin.

8Months (4)

8Months (7)

8Months (11)