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Math and Science and Engineering, Oh MY!

18 Jul

In chatting with a friend the other day, we were lamenting over the fact that both of us are college graduates and yet going seemingly nowhere in our careers.  She has a masters degree in counseling, and spends her days feeding adult victims of brain injury their baby food through straws.  I have a bachelors degree in English and spend my days being a glorified medical receptionist.  We were both very good at math and science, but somehow ended up in “soft” careers.  Basically, these are careers that are not valued as much in society, and therefore don’t pay squat.

When I first entered college, my major was listed as “Business Administration – Finance”.  Why in the WORLD did I change that?  I could be in a lucrative career right now with great benefits and chances for advancement!  Instead, I got a degree in English with absolutely no intent to teach (really, the only useful application of this degree).  WHY GOD?!?!

I’ve been brainstorming of ways to change this course after I re-enter the workforce.  I’ll be taking off about 4-5 years to get the kids raised until school starts, but after that I will absolutely be coming back to work.  What should I do during these years to boost my career and make sure that when I do return, I can get on a better career path with opportunities for advancement?  Some of the thoughts I’ve had:

  1. Law school.  I actually had considered this when I was nearing the end of my time at CSU undergrad.  I think it’s something that I would be good at, but would also be very time consuming.  Law school is three years, and depending on what type of law I practiced, would potentially be a 70+ hour a week endeavor.
  2. MPH.  I’ve taken a couple of classes here at the campus where I am currently working, and could possibly get this degree.  Unfortunately, it’s all on campus classes and I would really prefer something that’s mostly online.  Also, I don’t think the earning potential is as great as my third option….
  3. MS or MBA in Health Administration.  This is a degree that I can get completely online while I’m staying home with the kiddos.  It’s something that I am interested in, and have a little bit of experience in, seeing as how I’ve worked for the hospital and the medical school for the past 5 years.  The salary is excellent, and comes with great benefits, especially if I end up working for the hospital.

Right now I’m leaning towards option 3, but as always, I reserve the right to change my mind at any time.

Mostly, I just want to set a good example for my baby girl.  I don’t want her to make the same career and schooling mistakes that I have made.  I want her to go into a career path that she loves, but will also provide her with a good life.  And to whomever says money follows happiness – I say you’re bullshit.