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Basement Finishing: The Ideas

31 May

From the time I moved in with Steve, I always knew that we would want to eventually finish the basement.  He was unconvinced, saying that we have a huge house and there’s no way we’ll ever need that space.  His tone changed when I reminded him that kids have lots of toys, and wouldn’t it be nice if they were all contained in the basement so our house doesn’t look like a war zone?  That did the trick.

And now?  Steve’s actually excited about the project!  Yay!  Last night we went down there to measure everything out and make preliminary plans.  Because we will probably have two kids, all of the upstairs bedrooms will be accounted for (no, I will not give up my office).  It’s very important to me to have a guest bedroom, so that is a must in our finished basement.  Because my husband is a big nerd (and I mean that in the most loving way possible), he drafted everything out on his computer.

Basically, there will be a guest bedroom, bathroom, and a large open space to be used as a playroom (and when the kids outgrow it, an entertainment room/bar for us adult types!).  There will also be plenty of storage, both in the utility closet and in the crawl spaces that already exist.

So, my first task in this huge, monumental project?  Well, the basement is unfortunately loaded with stuff.  It’s not just mine (I’d say almost half of it is Steve’s), but it needs to be sorted, organized, thrown away, or taken to Goodwill.

I’ll be back tomorrow with before pictures!