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Stroller: Check!

27 Apr

After extensive searching and research, I had registered for our stroller/car seat combo.  Apparently, these days it’s all about the “travel system”, which is basically a car seat with base.  The car seat lifts out of the base for easy transfers and snaps right into the stroller.  Travel systems tend to be a little bulkier, but are known to be a bit easier to use.

I also wanted to make sure the stroller was easy for my tall self (and my husband’s equally tall self) to push.  I looked at lots of strollers at BRU, and it seemed every single one of them had the problem of just being too short.  The travel system I ended up choosing was literally the only one that I didn’t have to bend over to push.

So, the winner?  The Chicco Cortina Travel System!

My Dad (soon to be Grandpa Bill – again!) wanted to get this for us, and we are so grateful.  It arrived last night and I immediately put it all together, and I like it!  It’s a bit heavy, but that’s to be expected I guess.  Once the baby is big enough, the car seat won’t be attached to the stroller which will help with weight.

I’ll probably give it a trial run next weekend when I’m babysitting my niece.