14 Months

7 Nov

My sweet Charlotte,

Another month is in the books!

You say “Hi” constantly! It’s really cute, but I’m pretty sure you have no clue what it means. We’ve started to work with you on identifying body parts. So far the only one you’ve done was nose – but I’m sure the rest will come soon.

One evening we wanted to make sure your Halloween costume fit properly, so we went ahead and put you in it after bathtime. You were so adorable running around the room as a little ladybug! Unfortunately, we forgot that the costume didn’t have grippy feet. You were running in the kitchen on the wood floors and bit the dust. Hard. Your lip cracked open and started bleeding, and immediately swelled up. We felt so badly for you. You got lots of extra snuggles and kisses that night.

We pulled off a HUGE surprise this month! We flew to Boston on October 13, 2012, rented a car, and drove down to Plymouth where Oma and Papa live. Oma had no clue that we were coming to surprise her for her 60th birthday. We arrived at their house and when she saw us let out a big yelp. She was so happy to see you, little lady!

We stayed in a rental house in Plymouth, which was the perfect situation for us. You had your own room and a portable crib, which made naptimes and bedtimes so much easier. The first full day in town we went to breakfast at Oma and Papa’s favorite restaurant and then took a nice long walk around Plymouth. It’s a very historic town, but since you’re still a bit young for that kind of thing, you mostly stayed in your stroller and talked. We saw Plymouth Rock, the Jenny Grist Mill, and the Mayflower II.

The second day Oma had to work, so we took a walk to the private beach just a half mile down the road from the rental house. You LOVED the beach. You ran around picking up rocks and playing with the sand, and even got your feet wet. That was your first time in the ocean and I can tell you’ll really love beach vacations in the future. That afternoon Papa took us to Marion Harbor where he works during the summers and we got to take your first boat ride. You loved being out on the water!

Day three brought more adventures – we went to Plimouth Plantation, which is basically a living museum about the natives and colonists from England. You didn’t really enjoy this part of the trip, but you tolerated it I guess. You were much happier when we got down to the pier to have lunch and Daddy took you outside to run around. That night we took a drive to Pembroke to have a birthday dinner with Papa’s kids and grandkids. And there are a LOT of them. There were 8 adults and 7 kids in the house, making things a little crazy. We had a good time and it was fun to see you interacting with the other kids.

The fourth day was the biggest day yet – our day in Boston! We took the T into the city and you seemed to love everything about the experience. After finally getting to the city it was time for lunch, so we met up with Mama’s friend Taryn. We had a delicious lunch and it was nice to catch up with our friend. After that we took off for a walking tour of the city. There are a LOT of historic sites in Boston, so we decided to follow the Freedom Trail. It’s a walking tour that goes through a lot of the landmarks, ending at the USS Constitution. By the end our feet were very sore! You were a lucky little girl who got to ride in the stroller or carrier the whole time.

We ended the walking tour a little early because it was then time to head over to Cambridge for dinner. We met up with Papa’s niece, Colleen, for a nice dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant. It was absolutely wonderful food and company! By the time dinner was over, it was time to head back south to Plymouth.

Our last full day in Massachusetts was spent doing a little more touring and spending time with Oma. We went to the Cape Cod Canal, which has a cool little museum. You loved running around the museum, and they even had a little table with boats for kids to play with. After leaving the canal, we went on a driving tour around the countryside. October is a gorgeous time in Massachusetts with all of the colors changing. That night we had a delicious seafood chowder for dinner at Oma and Papa’s house.

All things have to end, and we headed back to Colorado early the next morning. You were a great little traveler and even napped for an hour and a half on the plane. Such a sweetheart.

One of your new behaviors is screaming. Not angry screaming – these are screams of pure joy. You wind up, put your arms behind your back, and belt out with ear shattering screams.

Your second Halloween was celebrated in style. We got you in your ladybug costume and took you out trick-or-treating to a couple of houses. It was so adorable to see you walk up to the doors with your jack-o-lantern bucket, and everyone exclaimed how cute you were. We didn’t go to many houses, but I’m sure we’ll make up for the lack of houses in future Halloweens. We ended up coming home where we had pizza with Nana, Gramps, and Aunt Chris.

The rest of the month was low key. The weather stayed very nice, so we got out for walks and time at the playground as much as possible.

I’m not sure when the teeth actually came in, but you now have your one year molars! That’s a total of 10 teeth. You still grind them occasionally, which is absolutely terrible to hear. It’s worse than nails on a chalkboard! Your hair is coming in a bit thicker and it looks like it might be curly.

We love you more than words can say, sweet girl.


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