Eleven Months

7 Aug

Dear Charlotte,

Phew! You wore me out this month!


We started the month with Mommy and Daddy leaving you with Auntie Chris for the night so we could go to Drums Along the Rockies. It’s an annual tradition for Momma, who was in drum corps for 4 summers. I’m hoping that you enjoy going to shows when you’re old enough, but for now you’ll just stay home and hang with your Auntie!


This month you really took walking seriously. You don’t really crawl anymore – like….. ever. You fall down occasionally, but pick yourself back up and keep going. It’s amazing to watch you grow and learn more.


We took our first trip to the Colorado Renaissance Festival. You seemed to enjoy things, but we’re not really sure. We walked around, saw a couple of shows, ate a lot of junk food, and had a good time. We even went on the ‘swings’ which you really loved! We didn’t stay for too long because of the heat, but I think we still got the whole experience.


This has been a really hot summer, so swimming and playing in water has been a life saver. Your Oma was nice enough to buy you a water table and baby pool when she was in town, and we have been putting them to good use. You’re not too keen on sitting in the pool yet, but you like splashing the water and playing with the water toys.



I had been avoiding shoe shopping, but finally caved and took you to get shoes. I’ve noticed that they really don’t have a lot of shoes at consignment stores, which sucks! We got you some shoes at Stride Rite in a 4M and also got some 5M for later in the year.


Late in this month, our friends Matt Leah and Reagan came to dinner. Reagan is also an early walker, and it was so fun to watch you two walk around and play with all of the toys!

11Months (1)

Eleven Months:

Words: Mama, but mostly Dada. All day long it’s “Dada” this and “Dada” that.

Movement: WALKING. Walking, walking, walking, walking, walking. My lord, child, do you ever love walking.

Teeth: We think there are two teeth on top threatening to break through, and maybe one on the bottom. Nothing quite yet, though.

Firsts: Nothing new this month, just developing on what you’ve learned!

Loves: Playing, sucking on ice cubes, destroying your books.

Food-based likes: Watermelon, turkey, cheese, mango, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelon, watermelon, and more watermelon. You’ll eat pretty much anything we put on your plate, except for bananas. Those are still apparently gross.

Music-based likes: You love it when I sing the ABC’s, but other than that you don’t really care about music.

Hates: Being woken up from naps before you’re ready, despite the fact that you’ve already slept 3 hours.

Annoying features: Screaming for food. We’re trying to train you to use the sign for “more”, but you’re not catching on very quickly.

Weird-ass features: You love picking up Daddy’s shoes and walking around with them. Which is funny, since his shoes are huge and heavy.

Finds hilarious: Pretty much everything. You’re a very happy and smily baby.

Measurements: You won’t really sit still on the scale, but you’re probably around 18 pounds. We’ll know for sure at your ONE YEAR pediatrician visit!

Nicknames: BamBam, Charlie, Charlie Bear, Sweet Girl.

11Months (8)

11Months (18)

We love you more and more each day, sweet girl.



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