Ten Months

7 Jul

Dear Charlotte,

This was quite a month for you in many ways – but it was also fairly uneventful.

40Weeks (3)

We started the month by celebrating Father’s Day. Nana, Gramps, and Aunt Chris came over for dinner and we gave your Daddy his presents. He’s a hard guy to shop for, so we got him a plant for his new office and a Broncos t-shirt. You’ll learn in a few months that Sundays in this house are Broncos days.

FathersDay2012 (8)

The middle part of the month was very uneventful (another word for boring, I guess). The only major thing that happened was WALKING! You’re an early walker, and have taken off without a look back.

41Weeks (5)

The month ended with a visit from Oma. While she was here, we had your cousins over to play, went swimming, and played with your new water table (courtesy of Oma). You love playing in the water!


We celebrated your first 4th of July with a BBQ at our house. We ate a whole lot of food and had a good time with family and friends. This 4th was a bit different because there were zero fireworks involved. There have been a LOT of wildfires here in Colorado and the ban on fireworks is very strict. In the future, I hope we can take you to a public display, because I think you will really enjoy it.

43Weeks (3)

When you talk, you’ll say a long string of ‘words’, followed by a short pause and then let out a high little ‘oh’. It’s hard to describe in words, but it’s absolutely adorable. I hope to catch in on video soon.


Ten Months:

Words: Dada, Mama (only when you’re mad or sad though), tah tah tah.

Movement: Walking! It’s now your preferred method of movement. That causes lots of bumps and bruises, but you’re getting more confident with each passing day.

Teeth: Still just the two bottoms.

Firsts: First unassisted steps 6/21/12.

Loves: Walking, swimming, playing in the water table, playing with Gramps, reading ‘Barnyard Dance’.

Food-based likes: Watermelon, strawberries, watermelon, apples, oatmeal, watermelon, tomatoes, watermelon, and some watermelon on the side.

Music-based likes: You dance every time I put music on, and you don’t seem to care what it is!

Hates: Having your diaper changed, putting on clothes, taking clothes off.

Annoying features: Nothing this month. You’re pretty darn awesome.

Weird-ass features: Tearing paper. It’s an obsession.

Finds hilarious: Running around naked after bathtime, hide and go seek, pulling all of the towels out of the kitchen drawer, watching the dogs run around.

Finds terrifying: Horses. Nana took you out to meet her horses and while we weren’t there to witness it, apparently you turned away screaming and crawling up on Nana’s shoulder. I don’t blame you, horses are big!

Measurements: No clue, but you’re definitely getting bigger! You’re still able to fit into 9 month clothing.

Nicknames: Charlie, Charlie Bear, Pumpkin, Snugglebug (that’s mostly just wishful thinking on Momma’s part)

10Months (4)

10Months (6)

10Months (1)

Thank you for being you, sweet girl. Mommy and Daddy love you more than words can ever say.


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