Nine Months

7 Jun

Dear Charlotte,

9 months! 3/4 of a year! You’ve now been on the outside for almost as long as you were inside Momma. I never thought I would use this cliche, but….. you’re growing up too fast! Just the other day I was looking back at pictures from your first month of life and could barely recognize you. The changes you make on a daily basis are almost too much to keep track of.


This month we went to the zoo with our friends Leah and Reagan. Reagan was born just a week before you, and it’s so fun to see you interact with her. I hope that the two of you will become friends as you grow older.


We celebrated our first mother’s day with you on the outside! Your Great Aunt Patty was in town and wanted to meet you, so we had a nice dinner at our house on Saturday night before mother’s day. You (and your Daddy, of course) were very generous and got me a beautiful bracelet with a heart charm. The charm has a sapphire on it, which is your birthstone. Thank you baby girl, for making me a mother. On mother’s day, I went to a sewing class and your Daddy took care of you most of the day. We went over to Nana and Gramps’ house that evening to have dinner and visit. All in all, it was a fantastic mother’s day.


On mother’s day, we discovered that your first teeth have broken through! You had been drooling like crazy, but that has been the normal for several months now. Aunt Chris was playing with you and you put her finger in your mouth and bit down, and she was surprised because it actually hurt. So we looked in your mouth, and your two bottom teeth are starting to poke through. We’re now thinking that this was the reason for you being so upset on our trip up to Blackhawk.


Your Daddy got a bike trailer this month and took you out for your first bike ride. I obviously wasn’t there for the ride, but your Daddy says you love it and have a great time! On your second ride he was going around a corner a bit too fast and the trailer tipped over. Luckily you were snugly strapped into the harness, but you were definitely scared. We’re glad that you don’t associate the trailer with fear, as it doesn’t seem to have affected your enjoyment of bike rides.


Our friends Marie and Chip held a beginning of summer BBQ at their house and we all attended. Chip has a drum set, and Marie was kind enough to give you your first drum lesson. You’re so talented, you hit the drum multiple times! I hope you grow up loving music like your Momma.


37Weeks (17)

Soon after the BBQ, our friends Leah and Reagan came over for lunch and play time. Reagan is already standing on her own and has taken a few steps. It seems that both of you are early developers!


For Memorial Day, we had a small get together at our house. It wasn’t a big deal but we had fun and it’s always nice to get our family and friends together.


On May 31, 2012, we took off for Nashville, Tennessee! Momma’s friends Kelly and Carl got married on June 2nd and we didn’t want to miss the party. This was your second vacation, but this time we didn’t have the option of just coming home if things weren’t going well. The flight out was fine – you only fussed for about 5 minutes total and mostly spent your time napping, eating, and playing with a cheap pinwheel. You spent a lot of time with your Daddy in Nashville, because Momma was off at wedding festivities. This meant lots of walks and trips to the swimming pool. Our first night in the hotel was a little rough. You screamed a LOT and finally crashed in bed with us. Neither of us had the courage to move you to the crib, so you just slept with us all night (meaning we didn’t sleep very well). The rest of the nights you slept like a dream, and even slept in!

Nashville2012 (1)

Nashville2012 (20)

Nashville2012 (17)

Nashville2012 (29)

You met a lot of new people on our trip and seemed to take so well to everyone. I lost count of the times we heard, “Oh my gosh, what a cute baby!”. You met another baby on this trip, who is the son of Mommy’s friend Katie. His name is Kenton, and he is three months younger than you but MUCH bigger. It was so cute to see the two of you together. We had a great time at Kelly and Carl’s wedding and got lots of pictures. Our flight home was pretty awesome. A nice Frontier employee got us a row with extra legroom AND an open seat! You sleep much better in your car seat, and it was awesome to be able to bring that on board for the trip home.

Nashville2012 (34)

Nashville2012 (49)

All in all, your first real vacation was a complete success! It makes us much more relaxed and calm about booking our next trip out of town.

Nashville2012 (77)

Nine Months:

Words: Dada, Doodoo, Mama, tah tah tah.

Movement: Oh my lordy, you move like crazy! Your crawling is really fast now, and you started using your push walker near the end of the month.

Teeth: Two bottom teeth came through, not sure when but we discovered them on mother’s day!

Firsts: First tooth 5/13/12. First plane ride 5/31/12. First real vacation (Nashville, TN) 5/31/12-6/4/12. Standing unassisted 6/6/12.

Loves: Bike rides with Daddy, using your push walker, Skype-ing with Oma, playing with any and all electrical cords, dancing with your reflection, trying to tear lips off peoples faces, when Daddy gets home from work, pulling all the books off the shelf, giving us hugs when we get you out of the crib, open mouth kisses, playing with kitchen utensils while Momma makes dinner.

Food-based likes: Asparagus, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, cheerios, avocado, chicken, steak, watermelon, apple, mango, and string cheese.

Music-based likes: I introduced you to Sesame Street this month and you love when I sing the C is for Cookie song. You are definitely my child.

Hates: Getting dressed, getting undressed, being in one place too long, going over big bumps in the bike trailer.

Annoying features: The hair pulling. Now I know why there’s such a thing as the “Mom haircut”.

Weird-ass features: Poops every single day between 8-9am. At least you’re regular!

Finds hilarious: Your reflection, pinwheels, and the basketball splashing in the water at the hotel pool.

Sleeping: SUCH a good sleeper. Keep it up girl. You sleep nightly from 8pm-7am, and take two solid naps during the day.

Measurements: Dr appt isn’t until next week, but you’re probably about 15.5 pounds now.

Nicknames: Charlie, Charlie Bear, Monkey, Pumpkin, BB (Bad Baby).

Thank you for making us parents, sweet girl. We love you more than words could ever begin to express.



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