Eight Months

7 May

Dear Charlotte,

This month started out with a bang! We had a very busy day planned, and you handled it really well. Your second swimming lesson was on 4/7/12 and you had SUCH a better time. You actually seemed to enjoy yourself, which made us give a big sigh of relief. Later that same day we headed down to Castlewood Canyon for some family photos with Holly and Matt. They are the photographers that took Mommy and Daddy’s wedding pictures. Unfortunately, the weather turned crappy and you got cold and cranky quickly. I still think we got some good pictures!



On Friday the 13th (of April 2012), we took a trip up to Loveland to see your Great Grandma and Grandpa. Great Grandpa fell and broke his hip, and was moved to a rehab facility. Your Grandpa Shields was also in town, so we made a day of it and went to visit and have lunch.


When we got home that night, you crawled for the first time! You will only crawl forward if there is something enticing in front of you like the remote control. You’re on the move, though! Guess it’s time to get a bit more serious about baby-proofing the house.


Aunt Christine moved back to Colorado after being in California for the past several years. We’re so happy she’ll be here to see you grow up!


This month we tried to take our first family vacation. The plan was to go up to Blackhawk for two nights and eat, swim, sleep, and play. To say that it didn’t go well is a vast understatement. First, your Daddy came down with a cold and really didn’t feel well the entire time. We arrived at the hotel and checked in to a very nice room. After getting dinner we headed back to our room and you were acting tired, so we put the pack and play the hotel provided in the bathroom and tried to lay you down for the night. You did NOT like the change in surroundings, and ended up crying and screaming for an hour. Which is a lot, because you’re normally so happy and smiley! You slept fitfully the whole night, waking every hour or so to whimper before going back to sleep. Your Dad was snoring really loudly, so I got very little sleep. Not a good start to our trip.

32Weeks (6)


The next day was not good. You were unhappy and didn’t even seem interested in playing. Every time we tried to calm you down to get you to take a nap, you would start screaming the second we tried to lay you down. We went up to the rooftop pool and you were happy for swimming time, which was a welcome relief. We eventually went down to get lunch and go for a walk. When we got back to our hotel room, it was clear that you were very tired but again wouldn’t sleep in the crib. The only way you slept was in my arms, so we just went with it. After waking up from an entirely too short nap, you ate a little more. You were extremely fussy and then suddenly you threw up the entire contents of your stomach onto the bed. So Daddy got in the bath with you. At this point, we were both dreading staying another night with no sleep. So we cut our losses and headed home.



We got you home and into bed, and you slept a solid 10 hours. Thank goodness. We’re heading to Nashville for a wedding in early June, so I think we need to do some work on getting you used to change!

33Weeks (28)


Your Dad had already taken the whole week off from work, so we decided to make the most of the rest of the week. We all went to the Denver Zoo, and you loved walking around on Daddy’s chest doing some people (and animal) watching.


Your first Cinco De Mayo was spent at a neighborhood block party. We are trying to get to know our neighbors a little better, and decided a party would be the perfect way to get that done. Another couple brought their newborn baby who was 6 pounds 7 ounces when she was born, which is exactly what you weighed at birth. Looking at her, it was hard to remember you ever being that small.


34Weeks (4)

Eight Months:

Words: Still just mamamamamama, and dadadadadada.

Movement: Crawling ALL OVER THE PLACE. Seriously girl, you’re a ball of energy.

Teeth: Still nothing.

Firsts: First official crawl on 4/13/12. First attempted family vacation 5/1/12.

Loves: Crawling, chewing on the end of the laptop power cord, pulling up onto anything you possibly can, playing with the remote control, playing with tupperware in the kitchen, bath time and shower time with Daddy,

Food-based likes: Steak, chicken, turkey, hamburger, sweet potatoes, toast, mango, apples, bananas, avocado.

Music-based likes: No specific preferences, though you do love when I sing to you before bedtime. I sing either “Lullabye” or “Rainbow Connection”

Hates: Taking clothes off, putting clothes on, having a dirty diaper, having your diaper changed, when we keep you from playing with things you’re not supposed to play with.

Annoying features: Lack of patience when waiting for bottle. Pooping in the middle of the night.

Weird-ass features: Scrunchy face. I’ve haven’t been able to capture this on camera, but you’re a weird girl. Love it.

Finds hilarious: The dogs, playing with and ripping paper, bouncing in the jumperoo, Daddy tickling your back, dancing with Momma in the morning.

Finds terrifying: Nothing this month, you seem to be a very brave and adventurous girl!

Eating: We’re now officially on formula, which wasn’t my preference…. but having a happy and healthy Momma is more important than a few more months of nursing. You love solid foods and will try anything we put in front of you, and usually like it.

Sleeping: Champion sleeper of the century. Your Mom and Dad thank you for this.

Diapers: Middle setting with two snaps showing in front on cloth diapers during the day, disposable size 3 at night.

Measurements: We’re pretty sure you’ve had a massive growth spurt! You’re officially wearing 6-9 month clothes, and our bathroom scale puts you at 15.2 pounds.

Nicknames: Charlie, Charlie Bear, Pumpkin.

8Months (4)

8Months (7)

8Months (11)


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