Five Months

8 Feb

Charlie Bear,

You’re 5 months old!  This was a pretty darn good month, if I do say so.  And I do.

18Weeks (3)

We broke down and bought a minivan this month.  Growing up I never thought I would be the type of Mom that would drive a minivan, and I even went so far as to actively reject the idea of that type of transportation.  Then you came along, and all of that changed.  It’s a fantastic van with tons of features that make my life much easier.  I no longer have to bend in and contort my body to get your carseat out of the back of a two door car.  And it has a rear DVD system, which I’m sure you will absolutely love when you get older and can front face.

19Weeks (3)

We went with Laura and Clare to our first Book Babies session.  You were so well behaved, and seemed to really enjoy the interactions with all of the other babies.  I think that will become a weekly activity for us, because you like it AND it’s free!  Double score!

19Weeks (17)

Bath time is truly your favorite part of the day.  Your Daddy fills the tub and gets in there with you and your face just lights up when you realize what is going to happen.  We got a great video of you “swimming” and you’re just so cute!  We’ll definitely get you into swimming lessons when you’re 6 months or so.


You discovered your thumb this month. I was a thumb sucker and was hoping to avoid that with you, but it’s not exactly something I can stop. Hopefully it won’t cause any orthodontic issues down the road. If it does, I know of a great orthodontist! 🙂

20Weeks (2)

We watched your first Super Bowl as a family. This year was the Patriots versus the Giants. The Broncos didn’t make it to the big game, but not for lack of support on your part.

20Weeks (12)

This month brought some sleep challenges, and I felt like I was failing as a mother. We adjusted your sleep schedule and it only took you one night to get in the routine and you slept for 10 hours straight!

21Weeks (1)
21Weeks (13)
21Weeks (17)

Five Months:

Words: Nothing yet, although you make all the normal baby sounds. You love saying long drawn out M’s.

Movement: You’re a rolling fool!  You mostly roll to your left side, so we’ll need to work on the right as well.

Teeth:  Nothing yet, but you’re drooling like crazy.  I have a feeling it won’t be too much longer.

Firsts:  Book babies.  You nursed while in your carrier, which was like a revelation for me – it’s so easy!

Loves: Baths, fart noises, baths, putting everything in your mouth, baths, being naked, and baths.

Food-based likes:  Still just breastmilk, but we’re thinking of starting some solids soon.

Music-based likes:  You don’t seem to care what’s on the stereo, but you love when I sing Raffi songs.

Hates:  Having a dirty diaper, being strapped into your carseat, anytime we aren’t focusing all of our attention on you, and the hours of 6:30-8:00pm.

Annoying features: You’ll have one really good night of sleep, then regress the next night.  You’re making a liar out of me, kid.  The screeching.  Oh my lord, the screeching.  Relatedly, you get on your stomach and then screech because you can’t get to your back.  Time to learn that trick, little lady.

Weird-ass features:  Projectile spit-up. How in the world do you do that?

Finds hilarious:  Fart noises, raspberries on your tummy, and splashing in the bath.

Finds terrifying:  Dad sneezing.  The horror!

Eating:  Still solidly on team boobies.

Sleeping:  Most nights you sleep 10-11 hours. Sleep training for the win!

Diapers:  Smallest setting on the cloth.  Disposable size 2 at night.

Measurements:Not sure, we’ll have to wait until the 6 month checkup for exact numbers. You still seem a bit on the small side, but definitely growing steadily.

Nicknames:  Charlie Bear, Charlie, BooBoo Face, Pumpkin, Boogerface, Screechy McScreecherson.

5Months (1)
5Months (4)
5Months (7)
5Months (11)
5Months (13)

We love you so much, baby girl.
-Mommy and Daddy


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