Four Months

7 Jan

My Dear Charlotte,

Things just get better and better. That should be the motto of parenthood.  Just when I think you can’t get any cuter, you turn around and turn the cute up to 11.

14Weeks (7)

This was an eventful month in your life!  Your friend Clare was born on December 6th, and we went to meet her on the 7th at the hospital.  You obviously have no clue what the heck other babies are at this point, so our visit was mostly for my sake.  We are all looking forward to the days when the two of you can actually play together.  You’re so close in age, and you’ll probably be in the same grade levels for school.

14Weeks (33)

Your cousin Christopher was then born on December 12th.  Just a few days after that your Oma and Papa came into town to meet him and be here in Colorado for Christmas.  The next couple of weeks were a whirlwind.

15Weeks (51)

Your first Christmas was fantastic!  On Christmas Eve we went over to Great-Papa’s house and had our traditional buffet dinner.  We didn’t stay for too long, because Mommy and Daddy get really tired these days.  Christmas morning your Auntie Chris, Nana, and Gramps came over to open presents and have breakfast.  You got fantastic gifts from everyone, you are so loved!  You slept right through the present opening, which I suspect will be the only year that will ever happen.  We had a quiet house for the afternoon, and then everyone came over to our house for Christmas dinner.  Nana was supposed to host this at her house, but has been dealing with some major medical issues and we decided to take the burden off of her.  You were perfectly well behaved and even sat with Gramps and “opened” your present from Oma and Papa.  We have plenty of pictures from your first Christmas.

Christmas 2011 (108)
Christmas 2011 (53)

Because of all the craziness of the holidays, your sleep schedule got very messed up.  We eventually figured out that you just sleep better in your own room.  Mommy and Daddy make lots of noise, the dogs make noise, your bed gets bumped, and you just wake up more often.  The first night I left you in your crib for the night you slept all the way through the night!  Mommy was a different story, but I’ll get used to it as time goes on.


Your first New Years Eve was extremely uneventful.  In fact, none of us stayed up to welcome the new year.  We were all just too tired!

16Weeks (4)
17Weeks (28)

Your fourth month of life was fun, and maybe even a little stressful at times.  You’re such a good little girl, and I know that despite the rough patches, 99% of the time you’re very happy.
Four Months:

Eating:  Still exclusively breastfeeding!  I’m proud that I have made it this far, and I’m planning on continuing until you’re 1 year old.  I’ve also been researching baby led weaning, because I really don’t want to have to deal with pureed food and feeding with a spoon.  Basically, you’ll just be eating whatever Mommy and Daddy eat!

Sleeping:  You generally sleep between 8-10 hours a night, with the exception of around the holidays because of our hectic schedule.  Now that you’re in your crib, I think you could probably go 10-12 hours.

Diapers:  Smallest setting on cloth diapers during the days.  We put you in a size 2 disposable at night because they are much more absorbent and can last for more hours.

Playtime:  This month you started so many new activities!  You are now officially playing on your mat, jumperoo, and activity center.  You press the buttons on your activity center to make noises and it’s adorable.  You also love seeing yourself in the mirror.

Measurements:  Not sure yet, will find out at 4 month pediatrician appointment.

Developments:  Rolling over!  You get over to your stomach but can’t get over to your back and you get angry.  You are smiling and laughing up a storm.  You reach out for toys and grasp them, often trying to get them into your mouth.  You laugh up a storm when we make raspberries on your tummy or tickle your armpits.

Nicknames: Charlie, Pumpkin, Peanut, Boogerface, Barfmeister

4Months (2)
4Months (12)
4Months (26)
4Months (30)
4Months (32)
4Months (36)
4Months (42)

As you can see, your Daddy was home for your 4 month photo shoot. He has a very strange sense of humor. 🙂

We love you, boogerface.  Thanks for making this our most memorable year yet.


-Mommy and Daddy


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