Resolutions, and other musings

1 Jan

Let’s be completely honest…. I didn’t totally enjoy 2011. There were some big spots of brilliance (birth of my amazing daughter, hello), but for the most part I just spent 2011 hoping for 2012 to come sooner.

It seems like every year I make resolutions, and every year they are all but forgotten by about February 1st. Now that I’m at a different stage of my life, I think I can make these stick and actually accomplish these things. A couple of them are absolute musts. I’m limiting myself to five resolutions/goals.

1) HEALTH – Obviously this is on my list every year, but going forward I have some big motivation to actually accomplish this one. I want to live to a ripe old age, and be able actively participate in my daughter’s life. In order to do this, I MUST lose weight. My goal is to be down to 200 pounds by Charlotte’s first birthday, which means I have 9 months to lose about 50 pounds. Just a couple of things I will be doing to make this happen:

  • No going back for seconds.
  • Fill plate with vegetables before digging into meat and starches.
  • Extremely limited alcohol.
  • 30 minutes of activity every single day.
  • Weigh in every Sunday and write it down on the calendar to keep myself on track.
  • Take pictures of myself on the 1st of every month so I can actually see the changes.
  • Drink 100 ounces of water per day.

2) COOKING – I want to try lots to new recipes this year, and get out of our rut of making the same 4-5 things every week. Obviously I will be aiming towards healthier recipes (see resolution numero uno), but I really just want to eat tasty food.
3) MARRIAGE – So many people have children and then let their marriage fall to the background. Steve and I certainly aren’t having problems, but I want to make sure nothing does come up. We need to take time for ourselves and be a stronger couple so that we can both be better parents to Charlotte.
4) APPEARANCE – I’m not very fashionable by nature, but I would rather look a bit more put together than I do on most days.  Losing some weight will help, but I really want to start investing in higher quality clothes that are stylish, durable, and timeless.  I need to get dressed and put on makeup whenever I am going outside of the house.  No frumpy housewife/Mom look for me anymore!  Black yoga pants do not leave the house.  Ever.
5) READING – I’ve really fallen behind on the reading front, mostly because every time I used to sit down to read when I was pregnant, I would fall asleep. This year my goal is to read 24 books, or two a month.

And that’s all.  Absolutely manageable.  Cheers to 2012!


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