Three Months

7 Dec

Dear Charlotte,

And you’re now three months old.  Time is just FLYING by.  Please stop growing so quickly.  It seems like every day you’ve gained weight and length.  I look back at your pictures from the day you were born and it’s hard to believe you’re the same baby.

9Weeks (1)

This month we went downtown again to have lunch with Daddy and Grandpa Jim.  We ate at a restaurant called the Buckhorn Exchange, which is apparently the oldest restaurant in Colorado.  You were so well behaved and everyone that walked by commented on how beautiful you are.  That seems to be a theme – everywhere we go, people fawn over you.


We had our friends Matt and Leah over for dinner, and they brought their daughter Regan.  She was due a week after you, but ended up coming into the world before you.  It was fun to see another cute baby around the same age as you, and we had a really nice dinner.  Our dinner conversations were very different from what they were in the past, though.  While we used to talk about college, drinking, work, and vacations, this time our conversations centered around diapers, labor, nap schedules, and baby carriers.  My how babies change everything…..

10Weeks (15)

This month your personality really started to shine through.  Instead of just being a baby…. just…. there….. you are smiling, and responding, and talking, and generally making my day. You love playing on your floor mat, and really exercise your lungs while yelling at the elephant.

Getting into the bath

We celebrated your first Thanksgiving, but kept it a bit on the small side in terms of scale.  Usually we have a house full of people, but this year I decided to keep it simple.  Your Dad and I cooked all day long, and Nana and Grandpa Jim came over for dinner.  You obviously couldn’t have any turkey, but you sat with us at the table and enjoyed some breastmilk.

11Weeks (1)

Your hands were the center of your attention this month.  Anything you could get into your mouth went in, especially your hands.  You also sat in the Bumbo chair for the first time, and you really enjoy that.  It’s helping you to build strong neck and back muscles, so we’ll try to keep that up.

12Weeks (3)


Three Months:

Eating: Still exclusively breastfeeding! I have to say, while I don’t 100% love breastfeeding, I do love the time we get to spend together because of it. I am now planning on going all the way to 1 year old and possibly longer, since it provides such amazing benefits. I won’t lie, I’m looking forward to getting you started on solids (when you’re ready, of course).

Sleeping: 8-10 hours at night!  Baby girl, you make your parents very happy. The Woombie is an absolute necessity.

Diapers:  We finally made the transition to cloth, and it has worked out well.  I did go ahead and order some more (yeah Black Friday deals!), because I don’t really want to have to run laundry every other day.  But so far we have only had one blow-out.  Your nighttime diapers do look a little ridiculous, but hey – it keeps you happy and you don’t wake up screaming for a diaper change, so we’re sticking with the routine!

Playtime: You love lying on your playmat and batting at the dangling animals. Every once in a while you catch on to a toy and love pulling it towards you, in an attempt to get it in your mouth.

Measurements: About 12 pounds according to the bathroom scale. On the smallest setting of your diapers.

Developments: You love talking, cooing, and sticking your tongue out. You make raspberries regularly, and love sucking on your fist. You can stand up under your own power, as long as you have some help balancing. Rolling over is imminent, as you get yourself on your side and just need to move your arm to get yourself over.

Nicknames: Charlie, Pumpkin, Peanut, Boogerface.

3Months (7)
3Months (11)
3Months (19)
3Months (23)
3Months (25)
3Months (31)

Love you to the moon and back,


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