Insomnia Strikes Again

19 Oct

I’m lying here in bed, wishing I were asleep. Charlie woke up at 4am to eat (slept for five hours straight!) and now she’s sound asleep while I browse the interwebs and stalk people on Facebook. You know how people always say ‘sleep when the baby sleeps?’. Apparently my body didn’t get that memo.

Another issue is the smoke alarm beeping. I asked Steve to take care of it, but he just said something about needing a ladder and rolled over to fall into a deep sleep. Uhhhhh….. Thanks?

At any rate. I bought Charlie a playmat and she seems to really like it. She stares at the dangling toys and occasionally bats one accidentally with her hands, which thrills her. Her smile gets bigger and more obvious every day. Watching her grow and learn is just amazing, and I’m so excited to see her personality come through!



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