Open Letter

2 Sep

To all of my wonderful family/friends (and this is aimed at some of you more than others):

I promise I will tell you when this baby arrives.  Pinky promise.  We’re not going to keep it a secret.  We’re not going to come home after the hospital and hole up in our house, letting everyone think I’m still pregnant.  Heck, we will probably even let you know when I’m in labor!  I know, right?!?!

So – please stop asking me if I’m in labor yet.  Please stop asking if the baby is here yet.  Please stop telling me how anxious and excited you are – I promise you, my anxiety and excitement are about 100 times what yours are.  Please stop asking what her name is.  Please…. just stop.

If it continues, I might just NOT tell you what her name is, or when she arrives.  Because…. just…… ARGH.

I’m going crazy here as it is, and I don’t need the CONSTANT reminders that my beautiful daughter is now late.  TRUST ME.  I KNOW.

Now, STOP texting me.  STOP calling.  I’ll let you know……. as long as you behave.


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