40 Weeks

2 Sep

Today is my due date!  And baby girl is nowhere near coming out.  I even had a dream (nightmare?) this week that I was pregnant for the rest of my life.  Yikes.  COME OUT, BABY GIRL!

Baby:  You look crowded in there, girl!  Feel free to come on out, there’s plenty of room out here in the world with your friends and family.  You continue to move around a lot, and get the hiccups every once in a while.  Your father and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary on August 28th.  We both said that while we wish I would have gotten pregnant AFTER our February honeymoon, we’re also SO excited to finally meet you!  It’s been a long 9 months, and pregnancy doesn’t always agree with Momma very well.

Momma:  READY.  Anytime now, little one!  Had a midwife appointment on Wednesday, and they checked my cervix – 1cm dilated, 50% effaced.  Which means….. absolutely nothing.  She did sweep my membranes, and suggest using evening primrose oil.  So I’m doing that and hoping that things move along.

Daddy:  Also READY!  Mostly so that Momma can sleep on her stomach again and stop waking him up with her constant snoring….


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