The LAST Day!

26 Aug

Today is my LAST DAY of work for the foreseeable future.  Well, I say my last day of work, but really, it’s just my last day of PAID work.  I will no longer need to get up every weekday morning and force myself into ‘good enough’ clothing and drive the 20 minutes to the office.  I will definitely still be working – on raising a human being.

It’s very strange to be entering such a different phase of life.  I truly never thought I would get to this place.  My dating life was pretty bleak, and the guys that I did date were really not marriage (or even long term relationship) worthy.  So meeting Steve at Carrabba’s on May 10, 2008, it never crossed my mind that he could possibly be ‘the one’.  How wrong I was.

Fast forward 3 years + 3 months.  We moved fairly quickly, and I moved in with him before our first anniversary.  We got engaged in January of 2010, married in August of 2010, and found out I was pregnant at the very end of 2010 (December 31st, 2010, to be exact).

It’s been an interesting ride, and I can’t imagine living my life with anyone else.  Both Steve and I have our faults, but we have learned how to live with each other.  Does he get on my last nerve sometimes?  Of course.  Do I get on his last nerve?  I’m positive that I do.   But it just doesn’t matter.  We’re a team.  He’s my husband, I am his wife.  We are in this thing together.

So while I won’t be bringing home a paycheck for the next few years, I will be doing a very important job – raising thoughtful, compassionate, productive members of society.  That’s worth the pay cut, right?


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