39 Weeks

26 Aug

Today is my last day of work.

And instead of having that “spontaneous, fun weekend!” my midwife suggested this past weekend, Steve had emergency surgery. It may have been spontaneous, but it was certainly NOT fun.  He takes an injectable medication for his MS, and one of his injection sites got infected.  It turned into cellulitis, and eventually, an abscess.  He had been seeing his primary care physician regularly about the problem and was on antibiotics, but they weren’t helping.  He finally got an ultrasound, which got him a referral to a general surgeon, who took one look at his abdomen and said “we need to cut that out, like…. yesterday”.  Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, go directly to the hospital admitting unit.

So he had surgery under general anesthesia on Friday night, and now has an open wound.  A large open wound that has to have its packing and dressing changed daily.  A large open wound that I cannot bring myself to do the packing on, so we have a nurse coming to our house to take care of it.  Steve is hopped up on vicodin for the dressing changes.  I’ve been doing my best to take care of him, and take care of myself as well.  Which isn’t easy to do at 38 weeks pregnant, big and bloaty and ready to remove this baby from my uterus by force…..

Anyways…… on to happier things.  Like my insides!

Baby:  Looking cramped in there!  Weighs about 7 pounds, 20 inches long.  Is very quiet during the daytime, but gets majorly active at night.  Almost painfully active.

Momma:  A little stressed with keeping things together for Daddy, but feeling better now that we at least got him out of surgery and home to recover.  READY for baby to decide when her birthday will be – sooner rather than later, little one!  It’s hot and miserable, and I’m DONE being pregnant.  The midwife said that they will check my cervix next week and if I’m more than 1cm dilated, they will offer to sweep my membranes.  And I’m TOTALLY taking them up on that offer.  Crossing my fingers for that 1cm…..

Daddy:  Obviously hasn’t been his best week, but he is recovering nicely.  Someday we’ll show baby the picture of his open wound….. gross!


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