Jump Starting Labor

24 Aug

So, the ONE thing that the midwives support to jump start labor (the sex), is the ONE thing we cannot do right now.  Because of Steve’s open abdominal wound.  LOVELY.  I mean, we could probably try and work something out…. and I might try and encourage that…. but I don’t want him to be uncomfortable or in pain.

So, the other things I’m going to do to try and jump start baby girl’s birthday:

  1. Walking!  I’m parking further away from buildings, and trying to walk more when possible.  This one is hard because of the heat in Colorado right now.  It’s been over 90 degrees for weeks now, and it doesn’t even really cool off at night.  Boo.
  2. Stair climbing.  Another self-explanatory one.  I need to start going up and down the stairs.  Another one made harder because of the heat.  But I guess I could do this in my office building through the end of the week….
  3. IKEA trip.  Laura and I are going to take a trip to IKEA on Monday.  This will involve a LOT of stairs, and a LOT of walking.  Just what I need!  And I might find awesome stuff to buy at the same time.  Double win.
  4. Castor oil.  This will be a last resort.  I have mixed feelings on this, and while I’d LIKE for baby to come when she’s ready…. it’s MY body, and I want it back.  I’m still not 100% on this one.
  5. The sex.  As stated before, I don’t want to push Steve too much into this.  He’s still recovering, and has an open wound on his abdomen.
  6. Evening primrose oil.  You can either insert this into the vagina or take it orally…. I’m willing to try either.  Where the heck can you buy this?

Those are the things I’m willing to try.  Mainly, I’m just uncomfortable, can’t sleep well, it’s hot outside, and I’m so DONE being pregnant.  Sorry, baby girl.  I love you, but it’s time to move out of your temporary home!



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