38 Weeks

19 Aug

1 week of work left.  2 weeks until d-day.  But I really do have a feeling she’s going to be late.

Bambino:  6.8 pounds, 19.5 inches long.  That’s according to the books and websites.  In our ultrasound last week, the doctor said that you’re actually only about 6 pounds, and are hovering in the 27th percentile.  Which is perfectly fine with Momma.  Has a firm grasp, so will be ready to grab onto fingers in her first hours of life.

Momma:  Pubic bone and back pain, oh MY!  I’m not really sure if baby girl has dropped, but if she hasn’t – I’m in for a world of more pain.  Lucky me!  A little anxious and scared about the whole labor and delivery, but MORE THAN ready to meet my baby girl.  I’m so excited to finally see what she looks like.  Will she be a blond?  Will she even have any hair?  What color will her eyes be?  COME OUT, BABY!

Daddy:  Marvels every night at your acrobatics.  He puts his hand on my belly, and it’s almost like you’re doing a little dance for your Daddy.  Such an entertainer.


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