37 Weeks

12 Aug

Full term, BABY!  That’s right – I’ve got a fully cooked baby in my body.

You know what that means, baby?  You’re welcome to come any time now….  Seriously.  And please don’t be late.  Being late is rude, and is frowned upon in our family.  🙂

Baby A:  Weighs a bit over 6 pounds, 19 inches long.  She’s done with all of her cooking, and if she were to decide to make today her birthday, she would likely have no respiratory issues and would be able to come home quickly.  Still has not dropped, but also still enjoys ramming her head into Momma’s bladder.  That’s cute, baby.  Real cute.

Momma:  Celebrating nursing bras that fit correctly, and have no poky wires!  2-3 bathroom breaks in the middle of the night are the norm.  I still only look about 30 weeks pregnant, despite the fact that I’m nearly done.  This confuses store clerks and strangers in the mall.  Two weeks of work left!

Daddy:  Has been noticing the clothing choices of teenage girls, and has decided that our daughter will be locked in the basement until she’s 30.  Sorry, baby girl.


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