A Change of Plans

5 Aug

My anxiety levels have been rising over the past week, largely due to the fact that I will be giving birth to a HUMAN BABY in the next month or so.  Like, pushing a 7-9 pound watermelon out of my who-ha.  If that doesn’t scare a woman, I just don’t know what will.

My main anxiety has been over the what ifs.  What if I can’t handle going naturally?  What if I don’t go into labor naturally and have to be induced?  Etc, etc, etc.

So, I’ve changed my birth plan.  As a friend of mine pointed out, there is no medal at the end for giving birth to your child without pain medications.  I won’t walk around town pushing baby girl in a stroller with a post-it on my forehead exclaiming that I gave birth to my kid in a water birth.  People really don’t care.

So, here is the new birth plan:

Do what I can naturally.  If that means getting through the entire process without an epidural, then great!  If that means getting to 7cm and deciding I need something to take the edge off, then fantastic!  If it means getting an epidural the moment I walk into the hospital, awesome!

The funny thing is, this new attitude has really decreased my anxiety levels in the past day or so.  It’s kind of like I’ve given myself permission to do whatever is best for me, and that in turn has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.


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