35 Weeks (and 30 Years Old!)

29 Jul

Today, I am 35 weeks pregnant and turning 30 years old.  That is some crazy stuff right there.  When I was younger, I always thought I would want to have my first child by the time I was 30.  I’m pretty darn close to hitting that mark.  My Mom had me when she was 29 – and I’m the youngest.  Which means that she had my brother when she was 25.  CRAZY.

I guess I should be more freaked out about turning 30.  Apparently that’s what all the ‘cool’ kids are doing.  But really, I don’t mind.  My 20’s were pretty darn good.  Some awesome things in my 20’s:

  • SCV.  This could take up about a thousand bullet points, but I’ll just leave it at that for now.
  • Graduating from college.
  • Moving back to Denver and pursuing my career(s).
  • Eliminating a toxic “friendship”.  Why it took me so long to let go of that one, I will never really know.
  • Aging out of drum corps with the best friends a girl could ask for.
  • Dating, getting engaged, and marrying my best friend.  Seriously, how lucky am I?!?!
  • Getting knocked up – while it wasn’t exactly planned, I feel like it happened this way for a reason.  Life doesn’t always turn out the way we plan it (understatement of the year), so you might as well just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Of course, not everything about my 20’s was peaches and cream.  But now is really not the time to dwell on those things.

On to the weekly update!

Baby A:  18 inches long, 5.25 pounds.  That’s about the same weight as a honeydew melon.  Basic physical development is pretty much done, so will spend the remaining time putting on weight and ramming her head up against Mommy’s bladder.  Gets really excited and kicky whenever Momma eats certain foods, like Mexican or ice cream.  She also really loves mashed potatoes.  You have good taste, my child.

Momma:  Not sleeping very well.  Getting up every hour or so during the night to use the bathroom and switch sides.  My hips are very sore by morning time.  I’m hoping this means that baby girl has dropped in preparation for arriving a little bit early (ie, after 37 weeks).  My feet are swelling a bit, which I think is a combination of pregnancy and the heat.  It’s been 90+ degrees for a couple of weeks now.  Because of this, all I wear on my feet are flip-flops.  Thank goodness it’s the summer.  If my feet were swollen like this during the winter, I would have to buy all new shoes.

I bought a bottle of my favorite wine ever so I can enjoy a glass for my 30th.  It’s funny, women in Europe drink small amounts throughout their pregnancies and their babies seem to turn out just fine….. but when I mention my big plans for a glass of my favorite wine on my 30th birthday to Americans…. absolute HORROR.  Why would I do that to my unborn child?!?!  I’m just a terrible mother, I guess.  A terrible mother who has been planning for this ONE glass of wine for 6+ months now.  And I plan to enjoy every last drop.

Daddy:  Continues to amaze.  Gave me a pedicure this weekend, complete with foot massage.  Taking me up for a night in Estes Park to relax for my birthday, and is even taking a day OFF from WORK!  (Baby, you will quickly find out what a big deal that is)  Puts up with Momma’s wild mood swings.


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