A Day in the Life….

21 Jul

Since my days will soon be VERY different from what they are now….

6:45am – Steve’s first alarm goes off.  Snooze.

6:55am – Another alarm.  Another snooze.

7:05am – Another alarm.  This one generally gets at least one of us up and moving.

7:10am – Up, bathroom time, shower if needed (I love working in an office where nobody sees me and it doesn’t matter that I don’t wear makeup!), brush teeth, get dressed, laugh at the dogs while they do their morning routine.

7:25am – Let dogs out for potty break.  Get lunch packed up and ready to go.

7:35am – Dogs back in, lock them up in “prison”, aka Steve’s office.  Head out the door!

7:40am – If the highway is clear, straight shot to work.  If not, take back roads and still manage to make it to work on time.  I love my short commute!

8:00am – In office.  Work.  Check emails.  Work.  Read blogs.  Work.

9:30am – Snack time!  I keep a drawer loaded with my favorite snacks.

11:00am – Lunch time.  I like to eat early.

12:30pm – Second snack.  Generally much smaller than first snack.

2:00pm – Power down, head out the door.  Six hour days are fantastic.

2:30pm – Home!  Let dogs out, clean up lunch pail from the day, have another snack (notice a trend here?), do some relaxing.

3:30pm – Here is where I generally try and sneak in my afternoon nap.  This is definitely a new addition to my schedule since I got pregnant.  I just can’t seem to make it to the end of the day without fatigue taking over.

4:30pm – Up, clean up around the house, get ready for Steve to come home.

5:15pm – Steve home!  YAY!  Although, he’s been in a bad mood lately coming home from work.  Boo.

6:30pm – If I’m making dinner, I try and start around now.  Steve and I take turns cooking, which is a nice arrangement.  He makes dinner much later than I do, because he likes to work out before starting the meal.

7:30pm – Dinner!  I know that we SHOULD sit at the table to eat and talk to each other like civilized human beings, but…. we’re just not civilized human beings.  We eat sitting on the couch, and usually watch Jeopardy! or a cooking show.  Together, we make a very good team for Jeopardy.  Steve gets a lot of the history, geography, and science questions right.  I get a lot of the music, art, pop culture, and medical questions right.

8:30pm – Clean up the kitchen.  Steve likes to insist that he cleans the kitchen just as often as I do, but it’s just not true.  I don’t mind cleaning it, since I HATE mopping the floors and he doesn’t mind doing that.  I also can’t stand waking up in the morning and coming down to a dirty kitchen.  That’s like death.  Awful, terrible death.

9:00pm – Head upstairs for the evening.  This is when the dogs start begging and barking and pleading.  So we give them treats, and half the time Sherman doesn’t even want his….. so why the heck is he begging for something he doesn’t actually want?  Weirdo.

9:45pm – I generally settle in for a night and arrange my pillows after doing some reading or tv watching.  Yes, we have a tv in our bedroom.  No, I don’t particularly like that fact.  Yes, Steve will apparently die if there isn’t a 48″ flat screen in his bedroom.  So, I live with it.  Usually at this time, right after I’ve finally gotten settled and all my pillows in the right place, I have to pee.  So I go to the bathroom, and then start the arranging process all over again.  The joys of pregnancy.

10:15pm – Sleep.  Beautiful, wonderful sleep.

Someday I’ll have to write a post about the pillow arranging process.  Seriously, it’s a page turner.


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