33 Weeks

15 Jul

Only 7 weeks left until due date.  Only 6 weeks left of work.  NUTS!

We had our first of two childbirth classes this past weekend, and I learned something very interesting about my husband and I – we just can’t take much seriously.  The instructor was having us practice getting through contractions, and every time we looked at each other we both started laughing.  I guess it’s hard for me to visualize what it’s going to feel like since you know, I’ve never given birth before.  Ugh.  Baby, I’m sorry your Mommy and Daddy are the kids at the back of the classroom that laugh every time anyone says “vagina”.  We’ll try and grow up some day.

My insides!:

I’d also like to take a moment to discuss anatomy.  Specifically, the location of my intestines at this point.  Please look at the following picture:

See the intestines?!?!?!  So, last night I had some digestive rumblings and they were coming from right below my breasts.  Now THAT is some weird shit.  Also, my poor lungs!  No wonder I am out of breath from walking up one flight of stairs!

Baby A:  4 pounds, 17 inches long.  Super active at night.  Has definite opinions when it comes to drum corps.  Only 4 more weeks until fully cooked.

Momma:  The heartburn isn’t quite as bad lately, but the back pain – oh lordy, the back pain.  It feels like someone is stabbing a knife into my lower back every time I move.  I’ve been trying to keep it controlled with massage, sleep positioning, and the heating pad.  Last night I gave up and finally took some tylenol.  The teacher at the birth class said that we should be drinking 2 GALLONS of water a day.  I think she has that wrong, considering every single book and article I have read says 64 ounces.  64 ounces =/= 2 gallons, for anyone that’s not good at math.

Daddy:  Very worried about the lawn, since he didn’t have time to mow this past weekend.  Offered me bacon during the birth class, which I would have gladly taken.  Best partner in crime EVER.


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