31 Weeks

1 Jul

31 weeks.  9 weeks left of pregnancy (if baby is right on time).  8 weeks left of work (if baby doesn’t come early).  31 weeks since our lives completely changed (even though we didn’t know about our little blessing until 5 weeks or so).

Two months left.  It seems impossible….

I love my husband more with each passing day.  He’s such a strong, intelligent, handsome, caring, loving man.  I could use some more adjectives, but I don’t want to make people throw up in their mouths.  I love you sweetie!

Anywho, enough of the sappy stuff.  Onto what we really came here to see.

Bambino:  16 inches long, 3.3 pounds.  Heading towards a growth spurt (just keep it below 8 pounds, girlie!).  She’s gaining more fat underneath her skin, which will hopefully make for awesomely cute baby fat rolls for Momma to pinch.

Momma:  Had a fantastic weekend with friends.  We kept very busy – from cleaning the entire house to car washing and furniture moving.  Oma is coming to town this week and I plan on enlisting her help to finish out the nursery.  The baby shower is this weekend, so after that we’ll know what we need to buy for ourselves.  Otherwise feeling surprisingly good.  I have swelling in my fingers, so I can’t wear my wedding ring for the time being.  I have also noticed that at the end of the day, my feet are swollen as well.  Nothing a good night sleep can’t take of.

Daddy:  Like I said up above….. I love that man.  During a dinner with friends who are also expecting, he admitted that he’s nervous about protecting our daughter.  He also mentioned something about the high likelihood that he will be putty in our daughter’s cute little hands.  That’s okay, we probably both will be that way.


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