Ups and Downs

23 Jun

Down:  I’m still having trouble sorting through my feelings about family issues.  I may need to see a therapist for this one.

Up:  Last night I was lying on the couch and baby girl went to the left side of my tummy and stuck her butt out.  I was very lopsided for a while there, and it was so much fun to feel her back, leg, and foot!

Down:  I have 9 weeks of work left at my job, which I do not find stimulating or interesting whatsoever.

Up:  I only have 9 weeks left, and after that, I never have to come back!  Yahoo!

Down:  Our Sherman boy is having surgery on his foot today, and hopefully they can remove the unidentified object in his foot so he stops limping.  I’m worried about my big baby boy.

Up:  It’s summer!  Which means it’s drum corps season!  SCV’s percussion section is absolutely phenomenal already.  The brass leaves a lot to be desired, but I have faith that they’ll pick up the slack and make their show memorable.

Down:  My wedding ring officially doesn’t fit anymore.  It’s not entirely pregnancy related, I think it’s also that fingers tend to swell in hotter temperatures.  That combined with a growing bambino, and I look like an unwed mother.  Oh the horror!

Up:  I feel surprisingly good lately.  I’m tired, but it’s not debilitating in any way.  I have heartburn, but it’s manageable.  I have a hard time getting up from the couch and bed, but as long as I roll the right way, I make it to a standing position.  I’m just crossing my fingers that things stay this nice through the end of pregnancy.


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