29 Weeks

17 Jun

Aaaaand we’re entering the home stretch.  I should only be pregnant for about 11 more weeks, which is just fantastic news!  I had a rough weekend and I’m ready to just meet this baby and get on with life.  Like I said, I’m not a “pregnancy is fun” kind of woman.  I’m a “can we get this damn 40 weeks over with so I can meet my baby and have my body back” kind of woman.  Alas, I’m sure I’ll forget all of this when it’s time to think about bambino number dos.

One of the good things about this past week was seeing baby again!  I’m participating in a research study, and part of that study includes 2 3D ultrasounds.  The first was at 28 weeks, and the next will be 36 weeks.  Because it’s for a research study and not our amusement, they spent most of their time talking in medical-ese.  BUT, we did get some pretty cool pictures of babe:

And here is a link to all of our ultrasound pictures thus far.

And here is what the insides look like!

Baby:  According to BBC, baby weighs 2.5 pounds and is 15 inches from head to heel.  According to our ultrasound, she is 2 pounds 6 ounces and is in the 44th percentile.  Keep growing, babe – but not TOO much!  Apparently baby needs a lot of calcium at this stage in development.  I’m not a milk-drinker, but I do drink soy milk.  Does that count?

Momma:  I always thought I would be one of those people who did weekly belly shots, but I’m definitely NOT.  That just sounds like entirely too much work.  We will have a maternity shoot with a pro photographer around 36 weeks, so that will just have to suffice.  I remember growing up that I always wondered what my Mom looked like when she was pregnant with me, so I definitely want those pictures for posterity – but they need to be professionally done.  For sure.

Laura is planning my baby shower and I’m really excited to see all of my friends and family.  I really wish that I could plan her shower, but it would be happening about one month after baby A is due….. which might pose a problem.  I suppose I could enlist the help of Steve, but I just feel bad that I wouldn’t be putting 100% into planning.  She has already done so much for my shower that I would just feel guilty the whole time that anything I do wouldn’t be as cool.  Sigh.  One of her other friends is planning her shower….. which is a story for another day.

Daddy:  Is going to Washington DC this week for work, and Momma is NOT looking forward to spending 4 days home alone.  Boo, sad panda face.


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