16 Jun

I’ve come to the realization that blog posts just plain stink without photos.  BUT, I just don’t have the motivation to take pictures, edit them, post them, etc etc etc.  Pure laziness.  When bambino gets here, I promise things will be different.  I plan on doing a 52 weeks project with her ala Young House Love.  Speaking of, I need to start collecting cute fabrics.  Anyone have Joanne’s coupons?  Maybe this will actually inspire me to learn how to sew……  Crazy thought.

Five Things I’m Thankful For Today:

  1. My husband, who is so loving and supportive.  I’m blessed to have a partner who knows how important it is to me that our children have a stay-at-home Mom.  He makes me proud.
  2. Two of the cutest dogs in the whole wide world.  Although their farts can clear a room, they still bring a whole lot of happy to our home.
  3. A healthy pregnancy (knock on wood).  I’ve heard some horror stories, but I’m actually doing really well.  Just very anxious about the whole birthing thing….. yikes.
  4. Peanut butter.  OMG, could eat for days.
  5. The non-crazy, non-icky members of my family.  They are really what family is all about.

Three Things I Want To Accomplish This Week:

  1. Finish the growth “chart” boards that I am making for the bambinos.  They are marked with the height increments, and now just need decorative finishing touches.
  2. Get first 8 fabric swatches for the 52 week project.
  3. Make cloth wipes.

Four Places I’d Rather Be Right This Moment:

  1. Washington, DC.  Steve’s there for “work”, and I miss him terribly.  He’s been gone for less than 24 hours.  How to military spouses do it?
  2. On a cruise in the Caribbean (with Steve), sipping a cocktail (or mock-tail in this case), and watching the sunset.
  3. At home, sitting on the couch (with Steve), watching Jeopardy and kicking his butt.
  4. Basically, anywhere with Steve.  Seriously, how to military spouses DO this???

Three Things I Just Realized:

  1. The shirt I wore today has a big stain smack dab in between my boobs.  Par for the course.
  2. Only 11 weeks until my due date.  Although, bambino should feel free to come anytime after 37 weeks.  If she’s, you know,….. ready.
  3. My job is tremendously boring.  Since, obviously, I am writing this post….. at work.  Go team!

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