Gestation of an Elephant

8 Jun

Yesterday I was contacted by our life insurance company because Steve recently changed our policy.  They needed to ask me the big long list of medical questions again.  The following conversation took place:

SF agent: Are you currently pregnant?

Me: Yes, I am.  My due date is September 2nd.

SF agent: Is that September 2nd, 2011?

Me: (trying to hold back peals of laughter) Yes……

Now, I know this woman was just doing her job and filling in the blanks…… but seriously?  That’s pretty dumb.  I would likely go insane if my due date was September 2nd, 2012.  I would have been pregnant for almost 2 years by then.  Out of curiosity, I looked up the gestational times for various mammals.

  • Rabbits – 33 days
  • Dogs – 65 days
  • Lions – 108 days
  • Moose – 245 days
  • Humans – 280 days
  • Giraffes – 450 days
  • Elephants – 660 days

My GOD, those poor giraffes and elephants.


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