27 Weeks

3 Jun

This past weekend was the long Memorial Day weekend.  I would have loved to go to a BBQ, sit around and drink lemonade, and enjoy the official beginning of the summer.  Instead, we drove for over 10 hours (to Snowmass Village and back, then to Loveland and back).  We worked.  We packed up my Uncle’s condo, and I was filled with profound sadness.  We chatted with my Grandma, who is sad and angry about having to move into an assisted living facility.

So basically, I’m kind of happy the weekend is over.  Not happy to be back at work, though – let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here.

At any rate, here’s the weekly update.  And now, the insides:

Baby A:  Weighs almost 2 pounds, 14 1/2 inches long when fully extended.  She sleeps and wakes at regular intervals, and her brain is very active.  She is moving a lot lately, and we can definitely see her kicks and punches from the outside.  The other day I even saw her pushing out and holding it!  Crazy!

Momma:  Getting stretch marks and varicose veins, oh my!  I figured this would happen, and now I just hope that they don’t take over my entire abdomen or anything.  Finally convinced Steve that we really do need to think about finishing the basement of our house.  When I pointed out that the kids won’t have a playroom of any kind and their toys will be scattered about the main level of the house, he quickly changed his tune!

Daddy:  Excited about finishing the basement, because he LOVES his projects!


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