3 Hour Glucose Tolerance

2 Jun

Yesterday I woke up early and headed to the study clinic for my 3-hour glucose tolerance test.  Basically, I failed the one hour (by a slim margin), and needed to prove to my midwife that I don’t have the beetus.  Yuck.

My first mistake was to decline the IV.  Instead of just getting poked once and leaving the IV in for the 4 hours, I was poked 6 times.  That’s right, for the first time in my life, someone couldn’t get a vein on the first try.  Ugh.  I’m now covered in bruises and look like I’ve been spending some time down at the local crack house.

After drinking the nasty glucose drink, I headed back to my office to get some work done in between blood draws.  While there, I started to feel pretty awful.  By the time I made it back to the clinic, I was definitely sick and crashing hard from the massive amount of sugar I just ingested.  Apparently I lost all of my color while getting the second blood draw, so I spent the next hour sitting in a recliner chair watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air and drinking water.

I made it through the next blood draw, and headed back to the clinic for the final draw at 10am.  While sitting there I started to feel light-headed again!  I finally got some actual food (apple juice and a granola bar) and was able to get back to work safely.

I got my results, and it’s no wonder I was light-headed and feeling sick!

  1. Fasting – 89
  2. 1 hour – 145
  3. 2 hour – 94
  4. 3 hour – 50

For those of you not in the medical field –  50 is WAY too low!  The minimum is 70.  No wonder I was feeling sick!  My insulin response is obviously working just fine, which means that my one hour test was an obvious false positive.

Anyone else have a hard time with the 3 hour glucose test?


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