25 Weeks

20 May

Another week, another update.  There seems to be a pattern here, no?

Baby A!: From head to heel, she’s about 13.5 inches.  Which means she’s already over a foot tall.  Only 5 more to catch up to Mom and Dad!  She weighs 1.5 pounds now, which is about as much as an iPad.  Fun!  She’s starting to gain baby fat (chubby thighs, please!) and her hair is coming in.  Apparently, the color and texture of her hair are already discernible.  Crazy!

Mom:  I bought a pregnancy pillow this week to help with the back pain, and it seems to be helping!  It’s basically a big long noodle pillow – the most important part being between my legs to keep my back straight while I sleep.  This whole sleeping on my side thing blows, I can’t wait to sleep on my tummy again!  I have also been buying up lots of things to prepare for baby’s arrival.  As of last night, I have ordered cloth diapers, Vera Bradley diaper bag, cloth diapering accessories such as pail liner and deodorizing discs, and lots of outfits at Savers.  Speaking of Savers, it’s amazing the deals I found!  There were outfits on the rack that were literally brand new (with original store tags) for 99 cents.  I don’t know why anyone would buy baby clothes at full price….. but I guess I’m just cheap that way, knowing that baby girl will probably wear things once before outgrowing them.

My Mom (Oma) is on a sewing kick, and has now made several maternity dresses for me, and is trying out a hospital gown as well.  I’m really thankful to her for doing these things, because my height makes maternity clothes a big hassle!

Daddy:  Bought me an iPod dock for the nursery, so baby and I can listen to tunes while we nurse and rock.  Keeps on saying things like, “I can’t believe you ate a baby.”  Weirdo.


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