24 Weeks

13 May

For some reason 24 weeks seems like a big deal to me.  I’ve been pregnant for 2 dozen weeks now.  Though, technically, the first two weeks I wasn’t actually pregnant.  Crazy how that works.  111 days until baby’s due date.  I remember when we were planning our wedding, and how 100 days seemed like such a LONG time.  I thought I had plenty of time to get everything done.  Not so much – our wedding came and went before I knew it.  I’m guessing this whole baby thing will be the same.

I watch a lot of trashy television, and one of my recent indulgences has been ‘Quints by Surprise’.  The mother and father are super cute.  They had a daughter and then decided they wanted ‘just one more’.  Well, through the miracle of life (aka, fertility treatments), they got quints.  Any sane person would reduce the number to a manageable number, like 2 or 3.  But because these people are ‘religious’, they just couldn’t do that to their precious bundles of joy.  Yikes.  I just think that if you’re going to take on the responsibility of fertility treatments, you should also be prepared to take on the possibility of having to selectively reduce…..  Anywho.  That has absolutely nothing to do with being 24 weeks pregnant.  My mind wanders easily.

Insides!  This shows baby with head up, but apparently our little one has already put her head down.  Fine with me, as long as you’re head down at 40 weeks, bambino!

Bambino:  Weighs in at just over a pound, and just about a foot long.  Foot long, who’s got the foot long! (I couldn’t resist the Dumb and Dumber joke)  Her taste buds are developing, which means she better develop a taste for spicy food, onions, and garlic.  If she doesn’t I don’t think she’ll survive in our house.  Her skin is translucent – crazy!

Mom:  Had a nice  (almost) Mother’s Day.  Steve got me an iPod/iPhone dock for the nursery.  We want to expose baby to classical music early and often.  Starting to have lower back pain.  Sometimes it’s hard to get up from sitting or lying down because of the pain.  Looking forward to going consignment shopping this weekend for super cute girly clothes.

Dad:  Is such a handy guy to have around.  It always amazes me that he can just fix anything around the house, and doesn’t hire others to do things.  Even if it’s something he’s never worked on before, he will tackle it and is always successful.  Even our family members know this, and often ask him for help with household and car repairs.  It certainly saves us a lot of money!


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