The Follow-up Ultrasound

10 May

Today we went in for our repeat ultrasound.  At the first try, they couldn’t get all of the views of the heart and spine they wanted.  So instead of taking a chance and not knowing if there are any problems, we went ahead and scheduled a follow-up.

First things first:  It’s definitely a girl!  She had her legs stretched up over head, giving us a display of all her lady-bits.  🙂

She’s still measuring in the 32nd percentile, and weighs about 1 lb, 2 oz right now.  I really hope she stays small.  Not so small that it’s detrimental to her health, of course, but small enough that it’s not a huge deal to push her out naturally.

And now, for the pictures:

Top left is verification that she is definitely a she.  Top right is her legs, completely stretched out above her head.  Apparently she’s trying to keep flexible in there!  Bottom right is her profile.


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