23 Weeks

6 May

My word.  23 weeks.  Not much to say about that….

Baby!:  11 inches long, and weighs just over a pound.  Her sense of movement is developed now, which means she can tell when I’m dancing badly.  She’s becoming familiar with loud noises from the environment, so hopefully she won’t be startled by them when she’s out in the world.

Momma:  Had a really, REALLY rough weekend.  Medicated with an afternoon of chatting and cupcakes with her best friend, who is also pregnant.  Absolutely hates being pregnant, and can’t wait to meet baby!  Thinking that if baby wants a sibling, Daddy’s going to have to carry the next one….

And an added bonus this week – bump picture!  Please excuse the mirror that is in desperate need of a cleaning.

I feel like I’m still not showing all that much, but when I look at this picture it seems a lot more obvious.  Because I have such a long torso, I probably won’t pop out as much as other women.  That is totally fine by me – hopefully that means less stretch marks!

Daddy:  Overwhelmingly supportive, wonderful, and loving.  Mommy is a lucky lady to have such a great husband and best friend.


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