Baby A’s Nursery!

5 May

We made some great progress on Baby A’s nursery this past weekend, and I figure it’s a good time to share.

I got some inspiration from Etsy for wall prints based on the “You Are My Sunshine” song.  There are three different prints, each is 16X20.  I originally wanted white frames, but couldn’t find anything that was reasonably priced.  We dropped by Michael’s this weekend, and their frames were buy one get one free.  Score!

So, after getting them home and hanging them up (with the help of my awesome husband), here is the final product:

I also picked out curtain and ordered them from Overstock.  They arrived on Friday and we got them hung on Saturday.  They are blackout curtains that look pretty nice and definitely keep the light out – I might take naps in there from now on.  🙂

Instead of buying a changing table, we are just using an old dresser that was in the basement.  This particular piece of furniture happened to be my Mom’s, I used it in my room growing up, and now it will be used in my child’s room.  Talk about getting your money’s worth!

We bought a changing pad and will use some velcro to attach the pad to the top of the dresser.  Much more economical than some of the changing tables I’ve seen for sale – they run about $100 to start!

My Mom’s good friend Pat had this wooden rocker sitting around and offered it to us –  I think it fits in nicely!  I do wish it was a bit more padded, but this will do.  I guess I can always buy a pad for my big bum.

I also dragged all of my stuffed animals out from storage for use in decorating.  I’m not sure how we’re going to display all of these, so they’re just chilling in the crib for now.  My Mom recommended a hammock in the corner, or perhaps a wall shelf – I think I will wait until Ikea opens in late July and see what they have available. (Yay for Ikea opening earlier than their original September date!)

There are a couple more things to think about, but for the most part I think the nursery is done.  I’ve seen pictures of some absolutely gorgeous nurseries out there, but we’re just not those kind of people.  Baby A isn’t going to remember what her nursery looks like, so why bother?  As long as it’s functional and I feel comfortable spending time in there with her, that’s all we really need.


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