22 Weeks

29 Apr

The big news this week is that I get to have another ultrasound!  Apparently during the first one they couldn’t exactly see all of the different parts they really wanted to see, namely her heart.  The midwife gave me the option of having the u/s, and I decided to take it.  Not only because I would like a better confirmation of baby’s sex, but because if there really is a problem with her heart, I definitely want to know NOW rather than later.

Also, my Dad called this week (Grandpa!) and he offered to buy the stroller and car seat that we have picked out.  It’s very generous, and we are thankful to have such supportive family.

Anywho, here’s the inside scoop:

Baby:  11 inches long, and almost a pound!  Actually looking like a human being!  Her irises have formed, but still don’t have any pigment.  Both Steve and I have green eyes, so it’s a fair guess that baby will also have green eyes.

Momma:  Had a really rough day this past week, and my wonderful husband brought home dinner and roses to help me feel better. I still don’t really feel like I’m showing all that much.  Maybe it’s because I see it everyday – taking a weekly belly shot would probably be a good idea at this point, so I can actually feel like things are happening.  Baby girl is kicking a lot, and I feel her moving around 3-4 times per day.  I finally ordered some curtains for the nursery, and I’m starting to think more about where I want everything to end up when the time comes.   I think it will be a bit easier to visualize after the baby shower.

Daddy:  Does wonderful things like bringing home roses and dinner (see above), but still has an awful gas problem.  There must be some sort of specialist for this….


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