21 Weeks

22 Apr

This week won’t be even half as exciting as last week.  I mean, 20 weeks is the halfway point.  21 weeks?  Just a blip on the radar.  Not even worth mentioning.

The insides:

Baby: Weighs about 3/4 of a pound, 10 1/2 inches long.  She’s practicing her martial arts now, and her vagina is starting to form.

Momma:  Heartburn, heartburn, heartburn.  I know this is getting a bit redundant, but it just never totally goes away.  And it doesn’t seem to matter what I eat.  I can have a super spicy burrito and nothing happens.  Then I have a glass of water and BAM.  Baby girl has certain times of day when she’s very active.  She moves around a lot right around lunch time, dinner time, and then more right when we’re getting ready for bed.  Last night she had some particularly strong kicks – I even saw one!

Daddy:  Laments constantly over the wind.  And when I say constantly, I mean CONSTANTLY.  It’s rather annoying.


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