Pink and the Princess Culture

12 Apr

I read an interesting article today, and it got me thinking about my daughter and gender roles.  When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink? It’s interesting to read the comments on the article.  People are going so far as to demand people buy them non-pink clothing for their little girls.

Because I will have a newborn daughter in about 4 months (yikes!), I started thinking about how this will affect me.  When my brother and sister-in-law were expecting their little girl, they specifically requested that not every article of clothing be pink.  After my niece was born, my brother said, “she looks so cute in pink, I don’t mind anymore”.

My answer to this?  I guess I just don’t care.  I’ll dress my daughter in whatever clothes look cute on her, are clean, and fit properly.  If that means people mistake her for a boy, oh well.  I refuse to put a bow on her head just to let people know that she’s a….. well, she.

On the other hand, I will be resisting the “princess” culture as much as possible.  All of the princesses that I know of had to be saved by a man, and lived their entire life (and death) for a man.  That’s not how I want my daughter to think of her relationships with men.


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