The Registry Racket

11 Apr

I started my baby registry online a couple of weeks ago, and this weekend I finally convinced Steve to come with me to the physical store to finish things out.  What a racket!

When we first arrived, a nice woman gave me the scanner, explained things, and also gave me a booklet of “things you need for your baby”, totaling about $7,000 worth of merchandise.  REALLY?  You need 7K worth of crap to bring a baby into the world?  I’m pretty sure we could survive just fine with just my boobs, the diapering system of our choice, and some onesies.  But whatever.

We survived the registering experience, and Steve wasn’t too annoying.  I told him beforehand that if he was going to be pushy and whine about wanting to be done, he should just stay at home.  I only had to reiterate this once the entire time.  It probably helps that I just don’t see the point of most things in baby stores.  Granted, we will probably end up getting things that we don’t use, but I also don’t want to be one of those Moms who has every little gadget.  Just doesn’t seem necessary to me.

At any rate, that experience of pregnancy is over.  Let’s all thank jeebus for that!


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