19 Weeks

8 Apr

I am almost halfway done with this pregnancy.  What the heck?!?!

There has been a lot of pressure from some family members to tell the names that we have picked out.  It’s a bit frustrating, because it’s our decision and we’ve made that decision very clear.  The names we have picked out (for both a boy or a girl) are classic, timeless names that are also very special to our families.  Laura suggested that I just start making up names…. We’ll see….

So, here’s the deal-io on my insides:

Bambino:  6 inches long, weighs 8 1/2 ounces.  For you math geniuses, that’s about a half a pound!  Crazy!  There is some indications that she can hear now – guess I should quit with the swearing.  She is also peeing.  My child is peeing inside of me.  You’re grounded, child!

Momma:  Heartburn, heartburn, heartburn, and more heartburn.  It’s made worse by spicy food, but there is no way in hell I am giving up my spicy burritos.  Zantac is my lifeblood.  I got some of the decorations for the nursery and I’m starting to feel a little more inspired to decorate and shop.  That certainly doesn’t mean I’m going to run out and start, but I’m a bit closer….. which is a good thing.  I actually look pregnant now, instead of just fat.  It’s only a matter of days before strangers start to comment.  Lucky me!  I also really need to find shirts that are going to be long enough.  I think the Old Navy talls will work, but obviously will get totally stretched out and unusable after pregnancy.  Oh well, they’re cheap!

Daddy:  Continues to be the best husband in the world.  Says adorable things like “I’m excited to meet her”, among other things.  Has the worst gas in the world.  Seriously, baby, if you inherit his gas I’m going to make you both sleep in the nursery and I get the master.


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