Still Just Not Feeling It

5 Apr

I’m going to be the worst mother ever.

I have zero desire to buy cute little outfits for my baby girl.  I don’t want to pick out nursery furniture.  The thought of doing yet more research on baby products makes me whimper in protest.

What’s going on here?

I think part of the problem is the budget talks Steve and I have been having lately.  His job is changing his pay structure, and it’s very likely that his income could be reduced by almost 50%.  Yikes.  We can absolutely live on just his income, even if it is reduced that much.  Sure, we’ll have to cut back on some indulgences (no more random pizza nights or frivolous shopping), but I’m absolutely fine with that.  We might even have to cut back our cable (gasp!), which I would actually be really happy with.  Our cable bill is something like $200 a month.  Crazy!

With that said, I’ve felt like I shouldn’t spend money on our baby.  Which is also ridiculous.

I’m walking a fine line here, and I feel like I’m going to fall off.


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